Mura invited us today for the Summer Solstice. We were all just there and Mura said; we are going to switch seat :-). We made a U-form magnet. We changed direction. The men sat upfront in a straight line to the Sun, they were the legs of the U and gave the power to move ALL. The women formed the curve and followed. Mura sat in the middle of the whole form to ensure that the Aquarian LAW was in it. Therefore, everyone is included in the powerful direction of this motion. We all looked at the screen to do the new decree, Inviting Sun. We were in motion. We followed the direction of the Sun because we -as the magnet, as Earth- were/are in alignment with the Sun. 

Refrain and one stanza 

Aquarian Rainbow is Living of Light 

Unfolding Creation in Details their Bright 

Opening Union of LAW and of MAN 

Aqua is Reigning in pouring out can 


Coloured creation Lives in Direct 

Sun Light is Golden to make form Perfect 

Seed of LORD Cosmos Awakens in Right 

Touched is the Power of Elohim Light 


We took our book ‘Direction from the Sun’.  

But first, Mura gave a meditation. Bring the Sun into your breath, the Light of the Sun and fill your body with it. Light is IN you or actually Light IS you. Every cell and atom in your body knows and follows the direction of the Sun. You obey the Aquarian direction of the Sun. Every particle in your body hears the sound of Aquarius, it hears Equality, it hears Truth and the wholeness of Life, the LAW of Aquarius. Your cells, your skin, your organism hears the oneness, the wholeness of Aquarian Reign. In the wholeness of Life, direction lives. Breathe in and out and then come back. 

Dictation at 16.38, time of the solstice in The Netherlands. 

Today and in this hour, we abide in the Sacred Light of the Sun. Today and in this hour the Sun comes forth with Love, with Direction, with Grace, with Peace, with Multiplication, with Beauty, with Freedom, with every single Detail of the Aquarian Principles. 

The Sun comes forth and gives its Light and in giving it touches your skin. Your skin is touched by the Power of Aquarius, your skin is touched by the Power of the Details in the Aquarian Principles. And because your skin is touched, it is your Inner that starts to move that starts to shift and that will circle around. Your Inner is circling around the Sun because the Sun is the Centre of your Life, the Centre of your existence. 

You as a Detail, as a VOW, you have an orbit around the Sun and every cell and atom of your body is focused upon the Sun and upon its Light. Because there is an Awareness in Matter, an Awareness in cell and atom that Life comes from Sunlight and that in being centred towards the Sun and that in being Obedient to the Direction of the Sun, Life comes forth in detailed manifestation. 

Life is no Life when there are no Details. Life therefore will not live when there is no Aquarian Direction, Detailed Direction.  

The Sun comes forth today in this hour to give Direction in detailed way. This detailed way is the way for planet Terra that is called the Ruby Way, it is the Way of the North. The Way of the North is the Way for the entire Solar System. Every planet, every particle, every star in the Solar System is aligning with the Motion and Direction of the Sun and realising and awakening in the fact that there is a Way of the North. For planet Terra this means that the Ruby Way is realised, manifest and awakening. 

You are touched within physical form because the Sun is a physical manifestation of Love, of Direction, of Motion, of Honouring and Obeying. The Sun is a physical manifestation of Light. The Sun shows that Light is Life. Your physical body and the physical body of this planet are touched by the Sunlight, are touched by the Sun rays. They are given the message that Light is Life and that Light is in Motion, that Light is Right, that Light is Love and that Light is given and that it is to be honoured and to be obeyed. Because in the Aquarian Age and within the Aquarian Principles it is Fact that Light is honoured. The Aquarian Age is built because Light is honoured. So the Command that is given within every Sun ray is the Command to honour the Light and to come forth IN this Light, to come forth as a Detail. Honour the Light is the Command of the Aquarian LAW and in Matter is the Realisation, is the Union of Awareness and Consciousness that Light is honoured. Every cell and atom in your physical body, every cell and atom in the body of this planet hears the voice of the First Director and knows the Command of the Aquarian LAW. To honour the Light is to obey its Direction, to honour the Light is to be centred on the Sun, to be centred on the Inner Oneness of Life. 

Where Light of the Sun touches your skin, you are touched within and this is One of the Aquarian Principles. Address your hearing to the Voice of the Sun, feel the touch of Sunlight and realise that honouring Light is the First Birthright upon this planet, honour the Light and give Birth to the New. Honour the Light and be IN Motion of the Aquarian Age. The Command of the Aquarian LAW is simple and straight, it is the base of the Justice for ALL. 



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