A VOW - Volountarily Obedient Way - is the oath given by every Living Human on planet Terra, before Throne of God or the Representative of White Fire. Planet Terra is Designed with the goal to Unite Twin Rays and Twin Flames. A VOW lives within the Union of Twins, a VOW is the Whole Expression of Twin Rays. Within this VOW is given the Command to Live, the very first Command to every ONE.

In the Teaching the I (the Oneness of the Masculine and Feminine Ray in VOW) learns how to realise the Promised Expression. Promise is given to the Whole of Human Race. It is Promised that Life will be the Wholeness of Deity, which means the Wholeness of the Masculine and Feminine Ray. In this Wholeness Life is Original, it is the Loving Intent in the Origin.

Twin Flames are the supportive Oneness to the Detailed I of VOW, while the Twin Ray is the Detailed I in VOW itself. Within Union of Twin Flames many Twin Rays have the opportunity to realise their Promised Expression.

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