Every Word written in the published books, inspires to create Divine. This means the Word inspires to create your VOW. Awakening in Aquarian Age awakens you in the Unity of Matter and Spirit, the main Principle for the Aquarian Age. This Union Lives based upon the Direction given by Father, which is the Seed of the Original beginning. Direction for the Union of Spirit and Matter, is Direction in which you realise the Reality of your Identity as material manifestation.  

Every book inspires to create the Expressed Creation of Identity. This is possible because the Word comes from Throne, which is the Original Seat you were facing when you gave your Identity in a Purpose. You are facing the Original Seat every day of your life, subconscious and unaware. Reading the Divine Word coming from Throne, awakens the Original moment where your VOW came into existence.  

Your Purpose is the VOW you live today, in the Age of Aquarius. Teachings of Aquarius will help you create the Aquarian Creation. Throne will tell you again and again in every Word, who you are in your Divine ability to Express and Create.  

Be inspired by Throne: Living Direction of Spirit and Matter as ONE, which is Living Direction in your ability to create.  

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