The Body comes Free from imprints

Experiencing Teachings Friday group January 9- 2015

Today we talked about Community and Unity. Every country on our planet has a Detail to give. The Detail of The Netherlands is Community. The Detail from Sweden is Unity. We want to live as ONE Community all around the globe, thus we need to ‘Come into Unity’. But what we see more often is that every country, every family, every working place is a Community on its own. I experience in this creation, no space, no invitation to really Unite and thus Communicate with each other.

When we take a closer look at the Netherlands, we see that we live in a little, small country with a lot of people and density. I never thought about that this is indeed just a fact. It feels so normal to live like this and to feel the reaction in my body as dense as well. Mura explains that underneath we as Dutch people, want to let the Detail Community rise. That’s why we want to live here in the Netherlands. During this Teaching I didn’t’ have any experience of what Mura explained. Right now I can only feel the density of my body, of the matter in this. Anyway, it feels good to experience this dense body because somehow I feel it makes me Free.

When we look at the Detail of Sweden, Unity, we see a big country ( approximately 13 times greater than the Netherlands) with a lot of space and less people comparing with the Netherlands (9 million Swedish citizens, 17 million Dutch citizens). So, how do Swedish people unite when you find your neighbor 5 km away from you? Thus it must be that Community and Unity are adding towards each other. I feel it.  

As Male and Female we uplift each other if we truly Unite. We uplift each country if we open the Gates  from our Core, from our Hearts, and Live IN and as ONE Direction. It is a dream that is normal and REAL and we are on our way to create and establish this. You just need to see this. All people, every country, wants to Unite, how strange the outer expressions even may look. Like fighting, ignoring, possessing or any other unequal way of behavior against each other. The more people are Aware of Coming into Unity, the more we Free our bodies from those imprints and rise our Original Details. I experience that we have carried (more or less conscious) those imprints and in this we saved and balanced a lot of eruptions, darkness and ugliness. I feel Grateful to be part of this task.

Mura spoke about that we come more IN our Bodies and that we all Grow in making Physical Changes. We make more choices based upon the ‘ I’ IN our Bodies. I feel in this that ONE is growing, the Whole is growing and that our bodies become more FREE from the dense Creation as it started already when we were conceived. Indeed, my body feels at this moment as a physical product from my Father and Mother, dense and empty at the same time. I understand it was not the time that we could conceive and create as Male and Female with Awareness. Or with our ‘I’ and know intuitively how we can LEARN to Unite. Conceiving with the knowing of the Father that is IN each of us and the knowing that the Mother IS Clear and Immaculate. I try now to describe my feelings through the Words that Mura gave today.

Because of these Teachings given today I look back upon last week with experiences of indeed making physical changes to create a better world. I communicate with a neighbor how to take care of being less noisy because we take the whole apartment complex in consideration. Not compromise but BE IN Unity as a whole. Or seeing how expressing feelings can scare men, to ‘come into unity,’ and I as a women being addicted to being disappointed.

We ended this meeting with a meditation. We were with 9 women. Mura gave us all a particular place to sit on the ground, positioned as a fetus. Starting with the feet, go a bit up to the bowing knees, the hips, the spine, shoulders, neck and finally the head. We held our hands with the palms together at the place of our hearts, like a Buddhist hand gesture. I had mixed feelings during this meditation. One way still feeling a body how I was conceived in the beginning of my earthly existence. As I have conceived my children, by the way. At the other way I felt ME during this meditation in the sense that I AM the Union of my Physical Father and Mother in Matter, thus somehow a Detail that lives in Eternity. In this I experience Grace, Amazing grace. Funny to say this, but it is the Truth.

In the Power of Community I am a Detail. In Immaculate Conception I feel the Right Heartbeat that IS. ME.




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