Experiencing Teachings Friday group 23 January 2015



Finding Truth in Mother-Daughter



Not easy subject this meeting. The question that Mura brought up was: what is a true relation between Mother and Daughter? And this entails More than the physical relationship between a Mother and her Daughter that we know of now. As I understand: we talk about the Mother as she is IN Oneness with the Father, Conscious and Aware. In this Union the Son as Christ in All is born. The Son lives then through the Daughter as expression of Eternal Motion in All of Matter.


We talked about that in our practical lives we don’t know how Mother and Daughter relation can be in Truth. How we create this from the inner. We only know that we interact based upon emotions and images that have created dirty family patrons back and forth between Mother and Daughter. This has created density and it is therefore very difficult to see the Living Details in our Bodies. I experience that this dense body is afraid to touch or express my Detail. So how can I build a True relation with “daughter” as the Matter in Motion, if my own body is so afraid? Not even used to form my Detail as this Body?


I experience and understand that I interact with my physical daughters from a non-crystal body. And in this Body I cannot see my Detail nor the Details of my daughters (or any other Detail). But Crystal gives me Clarity to see. I understand because of Crystal that the pain (feels as stabbing pain in my Heart) comes up when I look to the relation between myself and my daughters. To experience not an Immaculate Heartbeat anymore that supports my Daughters in Growing. Real Growth, from a Pure Heartbeat, as Unique Details.


I see we all as Mothers have this pain. I do. This pain is in our bodies. Result in my daily live: as soon as my daughters want something, feel something, hurt themselves, or when they are humiliated, I feel guilty. I really feel that guilt is the opposite of being and Living my Detail. The vibration of guilt hides my True Face. I want to support my Daughters with my Light, raise them with my Light. I know I also do but when we discuss this topic I know it will make all dirt and pain more shown in front of my eyes. All what is not Immaculate. Because that is how we transform and make Space for New.


Mura told us that the Matter in an Aware state is Moving. Always Moving. And this we called now Meta as you know of Metaphysics (as I would describe as a philosophy that explains the Nature of Being as you and the world ‘around’ you). Through the Words of Mura, I felt my body as I AM. In Motion. My Body likes to be the expression of my I AM. And that’s how I look to my surrounding. That feels really nice. Meta is the counterpart of the Archangel Metatron and you can find them in the highest frequency in matter. Meta is the Daughter of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus. So Daughter Meta lives IN me.


Greetings, Esmée


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