Experiencing Teachings Friday group 30 January 2015


Crystal Patterns become Alive in my Awareness.


We (as The-Invitation) know we are the following up for the Summit Lighthouse, the Spiritual Movement that was guided by the messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clair Prophet since 1958 until 1999. At this moment The Summit Lighthouse is researching this. The Summit Lighthouse is located in the Rocky Mountains in Montana, USA. Mura had made contact with them to manifest that we as The Invitation – Ascending All, receive NEW Teachings that are following up the Teachings once given by Mark and Elizabeth, the Teachings that were given how to fulfill the Piscean Age. Our Teachings apply NEW because we live NOW in the Aquarian Age with its principles. It feels so logical and normal that ‘Life after Life’ follows each other up. That Time moves, Ages start and end, New Cycles begin. It feels as sealed in Gold that we are this ongoing process of Life. Mura felt in ‘Summit’ the Sun and the Moon. I experienced Honoring the Summit, Mark and Elizabeth as myself, it makes All complete.


Mura explains to us that we create Space in planning already much of the coming year Activities and Retreats. We created Space while we were discussing today a lot of practical issues, like what we will eat tonight, how we can greet each other when you come home from a day work, or where we can drink coffee as a possibility to do for Monday. It are all physical common talking’s that all people do during the day but we see this as activities that are not really Creative or NEW, there is no Spirit involved that makes LIFE on the move. On the move in the sense that you can see there is a Begin and Ending as ONE in Activities, like I describe in being the following up from the Summit. We embrace those talking’s and activities, we laugh about it because we know we have created this. And that’s how we make Space through the underlying supporting Crystal Patterns. Mura explains that we start to see the huge difference between bodily manifestations or expressions that come from Spirit IN Matter. I become More Aware of NEW during our Meditations, giving the Rhythms in decrees or through sharing Words. This gives LIFE and Crystal Patterns from which we can create further on, I didn’t feel this so clear as I feel it now. The difference between my bodily creation or ME as Spirit IN Matter is in a way shocking at this moment.


Last week in a meeting we were sitting positioned as three cubes while we were discussing a chapter in the book of Word of the Mother for Aquarian Age. Today we were sitting in a circle, holding our hands at the height of both our shoulders with the hand palms visible for all of us. Mura guided us and showed us that three lines were coming from the spine and both elbows down in the ground, into the Earth. And three lines were visible from both hands and our heads, pointing up to the sky. I experienced much Air in my chest and a lot of Straight Clear lines through my Whole Body as well as the lines that were totally connected with the Earth and the Sky. It was no effort to do this, I didn’t become tired. I was full of Spirit, as much as I can be at this moment. Those meditations are examples for me what Crystal Patterns are. It gives me Sights to see more my separate physical interactions that I experience especially at this moment in my relationship. It touches me to apply NEW Teachings in daily live because I see that we All become More Crystal in Straight Lines, totally connected to each other. It looks like Clear Crystal Designs.


One last thing what was very important for me to hear and experience today. The Moon gives us right now impulses of Immaculate. The Word ‘IS’ as it is explained by Lady Venus, is the Expression of Consciousness and Awareness as ONE. We are All Detailed expressions of IS. But ’IS’ is an abbreviation from ’Immaculate State.’ I experience that in Immaculate State the bloodshed and wars between rebellion groups ect ect does not really exist. So Peace rules IN Immaculate State. I go for that.


Greetings, Esmée




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