Experiences Teachings Friday group March 6, 2015

Aquarian Council of Freedom Star

A lot has been said today, Mura gave many Teachings. Yesterday Mura received a letter from the Summit Light House. Their response was that they didn’t recognize the vibration from their anointed messengers: Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in our messages. Thus, they don’t believe in us. Mura felt disappointed as we all felt. She said it’s a pity that our books and Teachings have difficulties to find a network. In the designated procedure (as a process to pass on the Torch as I translate it), was written that the Summit would recognize us. This procedure was once given by Mark and Elisabeth themselves. Therefore I felt shocked that the Summit didn’t recognize the More of what was once given. The day this email arrived, was Full Moon and this Moon gives the impulses of Comfort.

While we as the planet abide in the Comfort of the Full Moon, Mura shared that she was finding out how the ‘Sword’ works. Mura experienced that she needs the Sword to cut away and free ourselves from all of the old creation, of all what has been in the past. Because of the rejection of the Summit, Mura understood that she needs to use the Sword to cut away ourselves from the old Piscean vibrations, thus to free ourselves from the Summit. Or to free ourselves from ‘The Great White Brotherhood’ as how the masters have named themselves while we lived in the Piscean age. Or to cut ourselves free from how Jesus had lived his life and how the churches see this still as a Teaching for NOW.

During Mura her trip with Esther in Sri Lanka, (February 18 until March 1), Mura experienced a New Tool  to use and learn IN her body that ‘destroys’ untruth, after that what has been cut away from the Sword. It is the Dorje, a Tibetan tool that the Dhyani Buddha Akshobhya uses (as well as Amoghasiddi and Varajsatva) to destroy the untruth or unreality. When Mura talked about the working of the Dorje, I experienced Compassion and Devotion to create Reality as my Flame.

Mura explained why the Dorje is working like the Power of a Thunderbolt. The Lines of the Thunder Flashes look like the Branches of a True Family. The Family of White Fire, where Every Detail is a Light Flash and is able to do its VOW. This Power of Original Thunder Light destroys everything that is not a True Family. I always like to talk about the Dhyani Buddha’s. They touch me in a Meditative way of seeing Reality from the Four Directions: East, West, North and South as ONE. I experienced a Line with the Dhyani Buddha’s. I hope Mura can soon explain More of these Beings.

Mura told us: we are the Aquarian Council of Freedom Star and we bring this in the world. We are therefore authorized to free ourselves from the old, to cut it away.  Aquarius gives me Light and Love to continue and create my Life and Flame, there is nothing else.

Mura felt that after the Moon of Comfort, the Moon of Resurrection will come. Mura realized that during this Moon, Eastern takes place too. In the same timeframe we will also go on Retreat to Poland. In the written Invitation for this Retreat has been said that Resurrection, Awakening and Ascension will shine and work with us. And that Poland is the Land of Resurrection. There will be a sun-eclipse during this Retreat and that means that the Sun will shine Full on the Resurrection Moon! How creative is that.

Mura explained that the Moon of Comfort was able to come because of the Immaculate Order that has been given in the Moon of January.  In the moon of Comfort I experience my Breath as a feeling of Comfort and Home.

In the timeframe of the life of Jesus there has been said that the Second Coming of Christ would come. They also pronounced that the Comforter would come. Mura explained the steps and process of these Promises, as I translate it. Jesus resurrected in matter because of the Immaculate Vision that Mary held. That’s how Christ could come. In Aquarius we are All Christ, we are all of Crystal. The Comforter is in de New Body that Resurrects. In the Resurrection, the Comfort is embedded. In this New (Awakened) Body are basic principles such as Governmental Order, Immaculate Order, Direction of the Sun and the Four Elements as ONE. In the words of Mura: I felt I am a Crystal Being. And I looked back upon a longing that I have since I met Mura: Seeing All and seeing Details. I felt My Eye is of Crystal and I want that all Details live in me. Feels a bit strange to say this. I also feel that when someone is doing his or her promise like Jesus did, it is a Promise for All, I like that.

Mura shared that she had an experience 14 years ago in France. She saw that everything, every tiny thing was Love, Ruby love. It’s like you look at a picture and after a while you see a face in it. You see then another layer of consciousness.  When we all see this, we stop immediately with fighting, with everything that causes harm. It’s so true what she says, it is just an God Given Reality.

Mura explained about how she draws the Four Directions as ONE in herself. East, West, North, South, the Whole World. Practical this means that when she walks, talks or meditates, she is Present in All Four Directions. As an example, Mura draws the feeling of emptiness, in her Spine, in her Core, where the transformation of the Ions takes place. Those Iones Resurrect from the Core. Emptiness disappears. We All are in this process, it happens in All of our Bodies but Mura gives the LAW for it, that’s why it happens. This means also that the mass cannot stop us and pull us back in old Teachings; because we are NOW The Aquarian Council of Freedom Star.


Mura explained about how we create Flames. We create our Flame by Will, Devotion, Equality and Multiplication. This touches me in experiencing to have more difficulties in creating Equality, especially during  interaction with man.  But it will come, because I Will, I am Devoted and I want to learn how to multiply. Creating my Flame within the Aquarian Council of Freedom Star.

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