Experiences Friday-group April 3, 2015


Awakening, Resurrecting, Ascending.


It is Good Friday today. Mura asked us not to eat breakfast at home, but when you do, drink only water and eat matzos. She had planned to eat matzos and drink water together in the Centre and told that the meeting would be divided with: Awakening, Resurrecting and Ascending. Each Detail would fill one hour.

We started this meeting with the ‘Tone of Diamond’ decree. After this decree Mura guided us in a short meditation. She asked us to Breathe IN the last supper from Jesus and Breathe OUT. She didn’t know why she mentioned the ‘last supper’, but she trusted it. I experienced that my brains were shifting. To Breathe in the feeling of the last supper, reminded me of sin. But my outbreath was feeling Abundantly. I saw my brains were used to think as sin. My in and outbreath became Equal and gave me fulfillment.  It IS.

Mura explained that while we were drinking water and eating matzos, we united the Old and New Testament. We united the Exodus where the Israelites left Egypt in the timeframe and command of Moses to the Promised Land, with the last supper in the timeframe of Jesus, before the Feast of Eastern. I experienced the drinking of the water as Eternal….. while the matzos tasted dry but not unpleasant. I tasted more the wheat in it. Because of the experience of fulfillment during my in and outbreath, I could see how this breakfast was corresponding with my Core. It felt Light. Later on Mura explained that this breakfast lightens up our Details. We are used not to express our Details, that’s why our bodies became dense. Therefore we also created food like meat or candies that do not support us in expressing our Details. But we change step by step. From the inside.

So in this first hour, by uniting the timeframe from Moses and the last supper of Jesus, Mura explained that we have Awakened Details. Because Moses wanted to FREE THE PEOPLE, Free Details. And Jesus wanted to share his Detail through wine and bread. I indeed experienced Awaking and the Worth of Being (a) Detail(s).

In de the second hour we went upstairs in our Centre. Mura asked us to form together a circle and twist a couple of times, right and left, around our own Axes or Spine. So we could experience Resurrection. I experienced my I, just as the form of the letter I. Nice. After this exercise we walked as a big circle and the Motion was a fact. I experienced my I was IN Motion in and as the Whole of the Circle through the steps I made. Mura asked us if we could describe our Detail. My Detail was Calm or in Peace.

To close this hour Mura meditated with us. She gave the Command: ‘FREE’. And she asked us to connect the Exodus from Moses with the timeframe of Jesus. I experienced a Clear Free Line where I saw the Sun and the Moon. I also felt Golden Grains.

During the last hour of this meeting, we focused on Ascending. When we Awaken Details and Resurrect as Details, we Enlighten our Details as well. Enlighten our Details through Awakening and Ascending in All is ONE and ONE is ALL. I experienced during this talking the New Direction of the Sun. It made me see Crystal. I also felt that my body was telling: no you cannot see yourself. My body is used to keep my I in a black spot.



We ended this meeting with the decree: Light of Easter. Tomorrow we have COC-day, while it is Full Moon. We will receive from the Core of the Moon, with the Core of Terra and Humanity, Full impulse of Resurrection. While the Sun is shining. Terra will be positioned in between the Sun and the Moon, which makes Terra and us as Humanity give our shadow on the moon. This we call Blood Moon. We have the opportunity to free ourselves from that what we have created as shadow. Blood Moon is therefore Ruby Moon.


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