Experiences Teachings Friday-group April 10-2015

Core and Corona, ONE Breath

Mura felt a New Name coming up by the King and Queen Crystal (formerly the Snow King and Queen): it is Corona. A Corona is the Radiance of the Sun. You can see the Corona during Sun eclipses as a Ring around the Sun. Normally you don’t see the Corona because of the intensive Light of the Sun. Mura felt this specific Corona as a V-Corona. When we live as ONE, like the Oneness of the Sun and the Moon, we Radiate. We Radiate the Wholeness of ONE. But we have created a body, our Terra, not from Oneness; therefore we often radiate separation like hatred or inequality.  And we trigger then to each other’s separate radiance, and cling to it. We cannot grow then IN Unity and Community. We did the New decree: Radiating Altar.

More interesting Teachings followed. Scientific it is proven that when you talk (communicate) ugly or use swear words towards Water, the Water Crystals will be chaotic. They lose their Geometrical Form and radiate ugliness. When you communicate with the Water Crystals from ONE Sound, the Aquarian Sound, as it is now, these Water Crystals start to form Perfect Geometrical Shapes.

During this talking memories came up because of using swear words. I realize that I feel darkness and chaos when we use swear words or when we do ugly towards each other. It touches me deep.

Mura talked about the Blood of Jesus when he was crucified on the wooden cross. It seems that in the St. Basilica Church in Brugge, a piece of this cross and blood of Jesus was saved. She explained then when we go through the suffering in our own beings, instead of being crucified, we make the solidified blood fluid it gain. We Resurrect and the Blood is not suffering any longer but WE guide.

The ice is melting. Water Crystals are more IN Motion. The Motion of the Water brings Motion in the Blood. The blood crust or solidified blood becomes softer so that the bloodshed and blood suffering will solve in the Water. Therefore the Blood becomes More Ruby. In the Ruby All Details are Equal and Whole. And as the Whole I resurrect.

Mura also talked about lack. Our bodies are lacking Worth in many ways. We feel not worthy that’s why we chase a man or woman. The task of the Piscean Age was to become ONE with the Father. But we need the Teachings now to create Abundantly and see that Abundance is IN us, as I translate it.

At the end we did a meditation. Five women were sitting in the middle of the room. They were the Core. Mura laid pillows like SunBeams around the five women. Seven women made a Circle around the Sun(beams), like the Corona or Radiance. The Core and the Rays are ONE motion of Breath. ONE Motion of Eternity. The Core is IN the Rays and here is the Corona or Radiance. During the mediation I experienced that my body was moving and breathing as the mass.

I was searching in how to Breathe. What is ‘my’ Breath? And what is the Whole? Mura explained that I AM Breathed. The Breath Breathes me. Then Breath as a Whole IS me. In this Whole Breath I have an Individual Breath that Awakens my Flame. The first action to discover (my) Breath is through my Will. When I ‘know” this, the rest will follow, as Mura explained. I feel it’s True but I need to ponder on this to experience it more.


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