Experiences Friday group April 17-2015

Aligning I

Mura talked about that it has caused her much energy (the night before) to keep her solar plexus open. She created Space like a tunnel in her body to let the ‘I’ grow. To see and breathe through the heaviness in her body that came up this week after that she discovered that her body is filled with poison. This poison was because of being cursed. She realized that after this was happening, years ago, her physical circumstances became much heavier.

I felt amazed about the effect of being cursed and also (still) that darkness exists. How vulnerable and unprotected we as people are. I cannot imagine anymore how it is for those who have not even had Teachings and grow in Awareness. And to be totally controlled by darkness. Many alternative groups deny the existence of darkness, since everything is already ONE and must be ONE. I see we have created darkness as our bodies because we have denied our bodily existence. We have created darkness because we forgot our I which resulted in many poisons as inequality, hatred, jealousy and envy. It explains me why my body is not Sealed. It cannot be in separation. It just becomes more clear in me to SEE, Step by step.

I understood from Mura that the ’I’ has now the possibility to Align with the True Body. The I is in the White Fire, the I is IN the Eye. The Eye gives us Protection and Boundaries. There are Straight Lines IN the Eye. I have noticed the latest weeks my physical eyes look calmer and are less dry or irritated. Just an example how the Inner in me becomes more as the ‘outer.’ I experience the EYE as my body when my Spirit is IN my body. We did the decree of aligning I. I learned that my ‘I’ IS Unity, a New Experience.

Mura talked about Lourdes. She went there with three other people of the group, in 2009. She experienced now that they have opened up ‘Immaculate’. Now Immaculate has risen in the Eye, the Vision. We can create now Immaculate Vision.

We talked about slavery because Mura saw a movie: Amazing Grace. She was touched that the actor showed that he stood for his Mission. It was good to see this because it touched Mura in her Mission which was covered now by the experience of being Poisoned. The movie showed also slavery. Mura felt that black people in Africa are a Strong Race and Blue in Origin. They are misused because they are Powerful. You can see that black slaves are physical strong; they can work on the land or build things. They have not learned how to express their quality with the environment, with the people and land around them. So that specifically is under developed. We will go in the first week of May to Beekse Bergen (region Noord Brabant). We call this trip going to Africa because there is a Safari park with African animals that we will meet. We talked about that this trip cost us ‘much’ money if we compare it with other trips. Mura explained that she felt that this is because of inequality. I also have the idea of Africa as poor, so to give now much money to ‘Africa’ it feels not in balance. To do this I come across my shortcoming. But also a feeling of Golden Sand which I like. And that I want to give to Africa, to the people, the animals, to the country. I understood that Africa her Detail is Gold.

We ended this meeting with a meditation. We were sitting in a circle with our legs in a lotus posture. Our arms were twisted in each other, our hands on the shoulders of our sisters. Mura said: Be your I. Give your I physically. I saw I did. It felt good to experience my I as my hand as well as the shoulders that I touched. I felt tribes, thought later of the tribes in Africa. I experience Unity and Freedom as a circle of I.


Something else. The question what is living in me is: what is True Creativity. Thus not only listen, make summarizes from the Teachings, or write my experiences. I want to be Creative.

Greetings Esmée






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