Experiencing Teachings Friday-group May 22 – 2015

Details are arising

Mura gave a summary from last men-weekend. She organized a men’s- Retreat in Reeuwijk.  I understood that she saw Stillness of the men.  The men are Still in themselves and from Stillness a man can learn to give True Direction. Mura saw men are used to hide themselves in (their) woman. To act upon what the woman wants and expects. Mura saw that men have not really expectations in themselves, they act upon their skin which are actually expectations from the matter or women in the sense of how we have created creation. Mura also told that at this moment, the men are not much questioning Life that comes forth from themselves. This because of ‘hiding in the skin’. Thus, less Teachings how to Create Details, can be given. She explained that it was very good to see this mechanism and she understood more of herself as the ONE of Teacher & Teaching. How she has doubted about herself when she became quiet amongst men or how she has forced to make ‘contact’ with men out of fear because of her task to give Teachings. I understood it becomes clearer how we have created distance between men and women, how Details could not arise.

I come across hatred in my body. Hatred towards men. I feel it is because I experience more how I have attracted that men should treat me. Especially in forcing their will and dominate the matter, me as a woman. And also how I am blinded to control this matter too. Thus, I have believed in this way of communication from several perspectives. I am happy to experience this much more clear as my body than before. It’s coming more lose from my Detail.  I see that some images I have created in how a man or woman should look like, can be more or less stuck in me. Have hardened me. This causes difficulties in the process of Healing my Body, I realize.

Now we as the women went to Reeuwijk after the Friday meeting.  I give a summary because it is a following up of this Friday meeting. I like to explain how Activities, Words, Meditation are connected with each other to make a More Whole view.  As I said, I started to see hatred in my body as a result of how we have communicated as man and woman. I experience the Words of Mura in my body: when you see how you have perceived (your) Father or man IN your body as a creation you have imprinted only by yourself, you will experience that the woman you thought you were, is a picture too.

Yes, I do. This experience helps me to feel more than hatred feelings, as an example. I also experience that hatred comes forth out of a knowing that it can be different. Since I become aware of this knowing, my ‘attitude’ of that I want to separate myself from men, becomes more clear as an action that comes forth from pain by not seeing Details of Crystal back.

Due to this, I understand what Mura explained about that we as women are dismissed from serving the false direction of men. When a man gives direction from fearful expectations which he has identified  with through his skin and the woman thinks it is in her ‘right’ to dominate and form this creation, we are both stuck. And the women, who create Form,  cannot let Details rise. This feels painful, since I experience that I as a woman create indeed Form.

Mura talked about serving ‘Whole Father’. In the Whole of Father, Details are Present, Details can grow, IN and AS Mother. I also experience how Spirit and Matter come together in this, how everyone IS of Crystal, very nice. Thank you Mura.

I wish you this All too.




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