Experiencing Teachings May 29-2015


Equalizing matter


Today we did a Meditation where Mura asked us to sit in two groups of 5 women. One group was sitting around the Sun (yellow candle in the midst of them, I was in this group) and we as the women were the Planets around the Sun. The others were sitting as the Moon around the Earth (a small earth globe imprinted with Crystal Stones). Mura asked us to make Waves with both hands while both thumbs were connected to each other. We connected ourselves with the Sun. I experienced Sun Waves that were Whole, Fluid and very Flexible.  I also felt underneath a dreary feeling which I saw expressed through ‘haltingly’ movements with my hands. Like my body cannot make Real Flexible Waves in how I truly felt I wanted to see it back in my Body.

Then Mura asked us to put our right hand under the left hand of our sister and our left hand upon the right hand from our other sister. With the left hand who was at the upper we Directed Waves, while the right hand was following Direction. I experienced my Brains as a Circle in my head and Body and they were coordinating the Whole. I felt much Light Impulses, like Flashlights. I felt that Directing and Following were a Dance together. Still, in the meanwhile I felt and feel that my body is not able to express the Inner Waves. And that hurts. But it was nice to create this together, although I didn’t know what the other group was experiencing.

Mura felt darkness in what I shared about the dreary feeling. That’s true because it felt black. The contrast of Sunlight and darkness was thus very tangible. She explained some practical examples of coming across distrust in her body, which was also related to this black feeling in myself. Yes, I can feel it is related to distrust. My body is not used to trust the Sun and Move with the Sun. But I also experience these ‘haltingly’ movements as broken lines. I feel broken lines in my body, that’s why my body cannot make Whole Waves. These broken lines feel for me as everything that is separated from each other, e.g. Particles IN me, or even Planets. I don’t know if this is true but this is how I feel it. A good lesson that Mura explained was that since we feel all distrust as the bodies, as women, we are therefore Equalizing matter.  Like we experience all the same untruth and how we treat ourselves and one and another, while we know it can be different.

It reminds me of a mediation we did a couple of weeks ago during the Retreat in Beekse Bergen. We were sitting in two Lines towards each other. While we were crossing our arms to the one in front of us, Mura asked us to make sawing movements with our arms together. I felt we were Creating Water Lines. After this Mura asked us to wiggle, everyone in Line, from left to right, left and right and so on. So the ones who were sitting in front of you were wiggling the opposite of you. In this meditation I felt for the first time that we were making Waves. Waves that were Soft, Ordered and Transparent. Before that I was always afraid to make waves. I looked upon waves from the Sea, as grey and destroying.

So I see that one Meditation follows another one while Creating different things, good to see.


Greetings, Esmée



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