Experiencing Teachings Friday group June 4, 2015


The Will of Creator IN us

Today we talked about the Will. I understood that Mura explained that this Will is a Will that is the Will of Creator. And IN this, the Right questions are coming forth. We discussed for longer time now, how we can ask right questions to MuRa. When do the questions come from the ego, when are it personal questions, when does the question come from Creator in yourself?

I was thinking about myself. I was long silent and didn’t ask questions anyway, not in myself nor amongst people. I felt too wrong to do so. Latest months I feel that the matter, my body, becomes more Transparent to see that I AM a Detail. I experience that wherever the question comes from, I just ask, because I live!  Without asking, nothing will happen in me to learn from and to grow. Sometimes I experience that a question comes from Wholeness. They make impact upon me and change my body. Reminds me that I asked a few months ago to Mura: who are you?  What is your function as a Teacher? Because of this question I felt that matter was changing somehow in another setting or Motion. Last week I asked if Neptune is a Being. And in this question I experienced the same impact upon my body as the Wholeness of our Solar System.

Sometimes I want to ‘know’ things: “how are colors made Mura”? She gave an answer but I didn’t grasp it, no touching in my body. I experienced that the question came at least from a true wish or ‘something’, but I didn’t ask it while I was in tuned with the Whole of Body myself. Later on I realized I could not fathom the answer, I was too much focused with my mind.

Personal questions give me mixed feelings. One way I like them the most in the sense that I experience it relates to Exploring my Detail, if I am United IN myself, as a Detail IN the Whole. Those are also the questions that scare me the most. Like my body wants to push the question back. A few months ago I asked Mura: what is a Crystal Being doing? Once  has been said that I am a Crystal Being. Inside I feel it is so but what it means, I don’t know.  In asking this question my body was so scared to hear my Detail. Anyway, my body becomes more Transparent since I am applying more the Right to just ask.

Ego questions: from what I am aware of? I want to make myself better or less than another. It feels always unequal and with comparing. As right and wrong. The more I am aware of that I grow as the Whole, the more it seems easier to discern those questions. Nevertheless, my body is used to it.

Mura shared again that she experienced that Matter is Equalizing. I forgot how she has explained it but for now I look back that Space is growing in me to ask questions about Life. To learn to live and Create from the Will of Creator. I think we All want that, so that Equalizes a Destiny for All.

We talked about IONS. They came up during our Retreat in Austria (June 2014) where the Phoenix could rise. Mura explained that the IONS bring everything together, I feel extremely touched by it. Want to learn and see more about this and how it relates to making a Crystal design.

Also new for me was to hear that in all the elements IS Crystal so we can make a Crystal Structure. Can we make then a Crystal Structure with the Will of Creator IN me? How are we doing that? This I would like to form and see.

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