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We have been to Lourdes, France, with a group of 27 persons during a holiday in the Midi-Pyrénéés on August 13, 2015. Goal of visiting Lourdes was to get more clarity on the Purpose of the Piscean Age. With this reason we walked the Stations of the Cross in the consciousness of the current time. At every Station an inspired message was given. First, we will give some information to get an insight in the Piscean Age.  

The Purpose is clear; the slogan for this Age was ‘Oneness of Father and Son’. And how every human being can realise this into a conscious experience. Oneness of Father and Son means that you know Creator IN you and that you ARE Creation in having this aware. When you are aware of this, it is more clear what the Aquarian Age has to offer with its new qualities.  

The Age of NOW, the Aquarian Age, is a follow up on the Piscean Age. In the line of Eternal Creation Humanity has the task NOW to form this Aquarian Age. There are specific lessons for this goal, to help humanity fulfil their task and their longing for Oneness. Therefore the slogan for the current Age is: All is ONE and One is All.  

When you recognize the Stations/Milestones in your life and you will LIVE them, you will experience the lesson and the deeper meaning of them. Every human being knows and experiences certain Stations or Milestones in life, defining the direction of life. Milestones do define the direction and development of Humanity. The following story pours out the Aquarian Life.  

I (Mura) wish you insight and joy while reading these renewing revelations on the Stations/Milestones, suitable for the Aquarian Age. Every Milestone is applicable in your daily life and gives you answers on life questions.  

Here, four of the milestones are presented. When you wish to read more of the Milestones of the Cross, a book is available in English and in Dutch.  


Station 1 - Jesus is condemned to death 

Mura: Jesus shows he is HUMAN, HUMAN of the Future, HUMAN of NOW.  

Jesus is sentenced to death, while he sees death and judges this in knowing the Immaculate and in knowing Oneness with the Father. Because he sees death he can Resurrect from the untrue mind set of death. Death is a concept in the mind of humanity. Jesus shows he is Creator of himself, a Flame materialised out of White Fire. the ONE Seed and Fire Unite in the Immaculate to materialise Life, Eternal Life.  

In Communion we come together, we are together in the House of the LORD. In the House of the LORD is the Altar of Life. And this Altar is prepared for each and every one of you. This Altar is prepared for the entire Human Race.

In the House of the LORD is the Altar of Life on which the Flames are burning. Every Flame is Sacred, every Flame Sealed and every Flame is becoming a Detail in Matter.

It is in the Judgment of Christ that we are Enlightening these Flames, that we are Igniting the Flames upon the Altar to bring forth Life in Wholeness, to bring forth Life in the Immaculate State of the Light of White Fire.

In the House of the LORD we are together, united in the fact that ONE Seed has created Humanity that ONE Vision tells them the Way of Ruby and that there is ONE LAW -the LAW of Cosmos- that Commands All the Flames to Live and Multiply. Multiplication of Fire, Multiplication of White Fire is done by the detailed Flames, done by the Deity. You are a Deity in the House of the LORD. You are a Deity in Communion. Walk this Path in Communion. Walk this Path in the Vision of the Immaculate. Walk this Path in the Sealing of Cosmic LAW and Enlighten the Seed that is given to ONE Race. Enlighten the Seed to Liberate the Free Will of Humankind, the Free Will that states that we are ONE with the Father that we are ONE Race with the Creative Power to be Father, to be God, to be Creator.

Thou art Gods because thou art Flames, Flames in White Fire, Flames in the Immaculate Truth, Flames in the Sealing of LAW. Christ is the Judgment, meaning that it is the Crystal Clarity and the Immaculate State of the Future of ALL.


Station 2 - Jesus takes the cross

Born in Enlightenment we are, born in White Fire. We are All born in the Freedom, in Liberty. The Liberty to create our detailed Flame, the Liberty to express the Oneness of Life. In this Liberty I have carried the cross, showing that Life is Freedom, showing that Life is a Motion Forward, showing that Life is given in the Seed of Abram, the Seed that comes from Creator.

We are All born in Union, in Oneness, realising the Flames on the Altar of Life as Material Creation. Coming Forth as a detailed Flame is materialising the Detail of Father, it is materialising the Deity of this Age. We honour the Aquarian Deity by creating our Detail. We honour the Hope that lives in him and with him.

I carried the cross, I took it upon me knowing that there was an Immaculate Vision for my Right to Live, for my Right to Create, for my Right to Exist, for my Right to Materialise in Wholeness, in Oneness.

I have done so to show Humanity that Liberty is Reality. I have done so to show Humanity and planet Terra herself that Life is in Wholeness that Life is in Wholeness created because we are All living in the House of the LORD and in the EYE of the LORD. 

We have come to the Path of Salvation. We have come to the Path of Liberty because Human Race is Awakening. Human Race becomes more and more Clear. The Truth of Human Race is that Christ is in ALL. And this Truth I have showed, this Truth I send out in the Ray of Aquarius that is touching the Earth from the Light of the Sun. I AM in Sun, I AM in Cosmos. I AM the Christ that shines in ALL, therefore I AM the Sealing of Life in Wholeness, I AM the Sealing of Life in Resurrected Immaculate State.

Mura: Jesus chose Freely to carry the cross. He wanted to show that everyone lives in Freedom and can Liberate itself when Awakening in knowing Wholeness and Eternity. This happens by embracing and Loving Matter truthfully.  


Station 3 - Jesus falls the first time

Being Conscious and Aware of the Oneness with the Father, is being Conscious and Aware of the fact that Life is ONE Whole that Life is in Union that Life is Communion.

In knowing this, All of us, All Flames upon the Altar of Life, Serve this Whole. And Serving this Whole is kneeling down. (we all knelt) I want to state in this moment of Clarity that I did not fall but I was Kneeling Down. Because I know that my Detail, my Flame honours the Whole that I Serve this Whole because I AM ONE with the Father, because All Life is this Oneness, because All Life has this Purpose, the Purpose to Serve, the Purpose to Honour IN Materialising the Detailed Flame, in Materialising the Promise that is given by Creator in ALL.

This Promise will be Realised in the Consciousness and Awareness of Human Race. And in this moment of Clarity where I state that Serving is Kneeling but Kneeling in Truth, Kneeling in the Immaculate EYE of the Virgin. 

Serving the Whole is Realising Material Creation of Transparency, of Wholeness. Serving the Whole and Honouring ONE in ALL is creating the Path of Salvation, is creating Liberty in every Flame. And therefore ALL Life rises (we all rose), ALL Life Ascends in the Oneness, in the Oneness of Communion, in the Oneness of Union, in the Wholeness therefore of Cells and Atoms that Realise that ONE EYE is keeping the Vision of the Immaculate State that ONE LAW Commands the Freedom of Creation and that ONE Father is the Sealing of every hand, of every foot and of every mind. Because in this Sealing Creation is Whole, Whole in ONE Human Race.

Mura: Jesus serves his father and humanity by kneeling down. He Honours Healed Life.  


Station 4 - Jesus meets his Mother

We live our Light, the Light of our Flames upon the Altar of Life. And within this Altar is our Sealing. We are Sealed, we are Protected and we are Whole because Matter is Mother, it is Mother United.

Meeting Mother means to meet Matter, to meet the Union of Life that is a fact in the Oneness with Father. Meet Matter with your Detailed Flame and thus Unite the Flame, Materialise this Flame. Unite the Flame with Matter and let it Come Forth as the Fountain of Life, to show Colours, to show Sounds, to show Tones. 

In this Day and Age the Aquarian Tone is the Base for Creation and therefore the Mother of the Aquarian Age keeps her Immaculate Vision for All the Flames to be Materialised in the Aquarian Way, in the Aquarian Tone. 

In Matter, in Mother United, you are Sealed. Wholeness of Life is in the fact that there is not only Father but that there is also Mother. We are ONE with the Father and we are Sealed in Mother, United in Mother.

Therefore the Wholeness of Father and Mother is Fact. Detailed Flames upon the Altar of Life are Aware and Conscious of the fact that living in Matter is being the Mother United. It is giving to Mother in honouring Father. So Honour thy Father and Live IN thy Mother. Honour thy Father and Live the Wholeness of Life, the Wholeness of the Reality of being an Altar because this Altar of Life is every Whole Body of Humanity. Each and every one has a Heartbeat, has a Body. This Body is the Mother United. It is your Flesh, it is your Tone, it is your Colour, it is your I. Multiplying this I is multiplying White Fire, it is multiplying the House of the LORD. This House of the LORD therefore is planet Terra, planet Terra as the Mother United.

In the House of the Father the Mother is United. In the House of the Father All Flames will rise. In the House of the Father we are All Sealed and Protected by the EYE of the Mother and by the Seed of the Father. Wholeness is Realised, Wholeness is Alive. Wholeness is the Presence of LORD in ALL.  

Mura: Here is told how you can create ONE in Wholeness, together as Whole man and Whole Woman. In meeting the Immaculate Mother, you know of Matter.   


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