Crystal is Clear in the rising of Moon and her Reflection. Crystal gives All the Sight of Wishful Living, which is Life in the reconciled Truth of Order.

Order is Real and a Gift in the Promise of Human RACE Alive in GOD’s Wish. Tone of Aquarius is given to manifest Destined Human RACE, which is RACE in the Wishes of GOD Active. Because of the Wish of GOD, Destiny IS. Being Destined is Being Alive in the Wish of ONE Way, the Wish of GOD its active Reality. GOD is Real, because RACE is Alive and Creates form on Earth and as Earth.
Planet Earth is Mother EARTH, she is the Throne for Human RACE to be Creator and GOD as ONE. Meaning Human Being is Creatively Reigning Life and Creatively making Ascension Real. Ascending Life is the Ascension of Earth and Human RACE in ONE Motion, in ONE Wave. Aquarian Waves are the waves IN Direction of Sun Light and IN the Reflection of Moon Light. Moon Reflects the reconciled Truth of Forgiveness, of Eternal Life. Only when Life and Light is forgiven, Life can be Eternal. In reconciliation, Life is Eternal because she is IN Forgiveness Active. To reconcile IN GOD is to reconcile with Being Human and finding the Promise of Rooting in Earth.
Rooting in Earth is rooting in the Principles of Aquarius, the Principles of Life in Motion. Life in Motion is Life in Action, Life in the Blissful Opportunity of ONE Tone and Way. Tone is given to Direct All in Creativity, to Direct one form to Live and to Blossom. Blossoming Ray is Blossoming Right of Clarity, the Clarity of Aquarius and the Clarity of Aquarian Reign. A Rainbow in Aquarius is the Transparency of Colours, shining and Radiating the purpose ad HOPE of every Ray in Sun. Every Colour in Rainbow is a Ray in Sun and gives Sun Light the Principles of Aquarius. Aquarius is Active, she touches the CORE of Earth in the Light of Sun and brings forth the Right of Moon her Reflection. The Right to BE IN Reconciliation Alive is the Right to be ONE and to be Destined in every way.
Destined Human Being is Human Being IN Wish and in the Promise of a Hopeful interaction in GOD Vision and GOD Destiny. Reconciliation is the Power of Today’s Full Moon, the Power to Live Aquarian and to be Crystal Clear in her Waves of Forgiveness.
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