Right is the Presence of MORE in the Golden Reality of Earth. EARTH is in Ascension the Golden Globe and becomes more of this Golden Radiance when the Spirals of Ascension are Fully Active.

Activating these Spirals is done in Rooting in the CORE of Earth, Rooting in the Presence and Gift of Mother. Mother is Earth, she is the CARE for RACE and the Throne in this way. CORE in Expression is seen and is open, a Reality to Root in. Ruby CORE of Mother Earth is the CORE to bring prosperity, to bring Wealth and Health. In Ruby is The Way to Live and BE Divine, to realise Dignity in every Atom.
Atoms Full of Dignity are Atoms Full of the GOD Wish, Full of the Presence of ONE and of All. Which means every Atom is able to take in its righteous Position within the Whole of BODY, within the Whole of Detailed flames in White Fire Order. Atoms IN White Fire are Ordered and always IN LAW. Therefore they are Sealed. Sealed in the Gift of Mother, which is the rising Awareness and the Truth of Communion. Communing as Atom makes Life MORE, makes Life the Bliss of MORE in Nature. MORE Nature is the Gift of Buddha in Mother, the Gift of Space in Mother. Mother is Authorised to Welcome Life, to Welcome Detailed Wishes in White Fire Order. Meaning Mother Welcomes GOD in Ordered White Fire and forms Details in Creation, as Creation. Creation is the Wish of GOD in Expression, Rooted in CORE of Ruby and showing the Life and Dignity of Mother as EARTH.
Mother is EARTH, Mother is Ascending when RACE and planet Ascend as ONE in the Spiralling Motion and Truth of the Orbit around Sun. Direction of Sun is given in Spirals, Reflection is in Spirals realised. Orbit around Sun is in Spirals, because this Motion is the ONE of Reflection and Direction. In this ONE is The Way of Atom, The Way of planet and The Way of Human RACE. CARE for RACE is to realise Ascending Life, Ascending Wholeness of Wish in GOD given.
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