Moon is the Gift of Reflection and MORE, the Gift to internalise North while the Direction of Sun is received. Receiving the Power of Will in Direct is receiving Vision of GOD in the Eternal Path of his Glory. Glory of GOD is the Glory of mankind, the Glorious reality of Human's Creativity.

Creative Power used in the Direction of Sun, applied in the internalised North, is Creative Power given to Root All Human Beings and to Root the NEW Way of Aquarius. Aquarian way is the Rooted Way, the Way of CORE its Expansion. 
In reflection of Moon, Earth is seen in her Beauty and in her Radiance. Radiant Earth is the Devotion of her Will to GOD and to NEW, it is her Devotion to BE CARE and Altar for RACE. RACE is destined to Live and to Breathe upon Altar of Life, creating Divine and creating Clear. Clear Earth is Earth in Ascension, Earth in the Spirals of Sun Light. Being Human is Living in Sun and Honouring its Light to come forth as Whole. Allness of Life is in Human Hand created and in Human RACE manifest as ONE Wholeness. Allness of Life is the Realised Union of Details and the Bliss of Tone and Ray. Ray of Aquarius is in Sun given and reflected by Moon, to make Human Being Align with the Principles of this Age. Awakening Human RACE is Awakening the INNER of RACE, the CORE of Creative Power. 
True Creativity is Alchemical and Free. This Free State is about to be born in the Light of RACE, in the base of Worthy Being. Being Human is Being Naturally Alive in Communion, in Clear and unrolling Matter. Matter unrolling herself shows Human Being its Right and its Light, its Power and Will. Unrolling Creation is Gifted and is Wonderful Life of RACE. Wellness of RACE is in Matter, Wellness of RACE is in the Ascending Truth of the planet and of MORE. Reflective Moon gives her Brightness to make All Ascend and to realise the Spiral upwards in the Directive Power of Sun. 
Being Natural as Human Being is Being Rooted in CORE of Earth, to manifest the Ascending Spiral of HOPE, Faith and Charity. Charity is the Wellness and Wealth of Being Human, in which All are able to express the Tone of Aquarius and the Future manifestation of Eternal Life. Eternity IS Charity in its giving Right to establish the Beauty of Living and the Beauty of making ONE Way seen. 
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