Moon is in Reflection of Mother her Light and Right.

Moon is in Reflection to realise Earth as the Great Mother, the Throne for All Life. Great Mother is the Expression of Ruby, the CORE in Fullness and Beautiful Radiance. Great Mother is the Divine, the immaculate and the Clear Right of Living. Moon Reflects the Power of Mother or the Action of Mother to show Truth of Being Alive in physical form. RACE may learn to Honour ONE Way, which is always a Way in Mother given, in physical Lived. Living on Earth is Being Alive in the physical experience of Life. It means to Multiply White Fire Order and to create within this Order.
Being Human is Being Alive on planet Earth, which means living in the body of this planet and realising the active Wish within. Wish in RACE is to be creative. In creativity, World is created as a physical reality, a physical Eternity. Making Eternity physical is possible in the Identity of Mother, or in Honouring the Principles of Mother and her Clear and straight Power. Mother is the Reflection to Direction, the Clarity to show Way and the CARE for ONE RACE. RACE is able to be ONE in the CARE of Mother, the True Comfort of Creation. Moon giving Mother in Reflection, is a Moon in Aquarius. Because Mother is in Aquarius the Light of the Spirit, the Right of Spirit to BE and Live. Living in Aquarius is Living in the Principles of Aquarius and therefore Being active in the Union of Mother and Spirit.
Or rather, in the Throne of Life which is Sun, Moon and Earth. In this Trinity, Great Mother is active and Alive. Divine Mother is shown in the Reflection of Moon, shown in the Power of Clarity in January. Moon honours herself, by Reflecting what IS Mother. She Honours her Worth and her Worthiness of Being Reflective and of Being IN Direction Reflective. Realising that Life is MORE IN Mother, IN physical, is realising the reason for Being and the Natural Purpose of Being Human. Human is Alive in the CORE of Earth, in the Ruby Power of CORE. Human Being Lives in the Active Motion of Sun, Moon and Earth. Sun Directs, Moon Reflects to BE Mother and Earth receives both to materialise herself in the Power of Divine. Meaning she materialiseS her CORE in the Creative Will of GOD as Human upon Earth.
Moon Reflects so RACE may learn and see what Mother is and what the Divine righteousness of Mother Truly is in the Order of White Fire. Moon Heals the wounds of Lemuria and the false Actions in Atlantis. Moon is able to do so in her Clear Reflective Power in Will of GOD given.
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