This writing is the sequel to the book "Dossier on the Ascension" by Serapis Bey.

The Living Radiance of the Fire Within is the Living manifestation of matter that IS the Spiral of Ascension. Within this Spiral the Body is embraced and recapitulated. Embracing the body in the Motion of Ascension, is imprinting the Wholeness of the Body with the inner Reality of Fire. This inner Reality is the Flame within in Union with the detail. Detail and Flame as ONE are revealed when the Spiraling Truth is embracing the body and makes the body recapitulate itself, meaning that it resumes Life as it was given in the beginning of the existence of the Body.  

The Body itself is the Beginning of the Flame in Union with the detail. The Body gives Flame opportunity to rise, to multiply and to materialise. Materialising the Flame Within, is Living the Spiral of Ascension and materialising the Original particles of White Fire. These particles are the particles called IONs. It are the Light particles, Living within the Radiance of Fire, or rather materialised within the radiance of the Flame. Multiplying the Flame within is creating more and more Original Particles and is lifting up the body as a whole IN the Spiraling Motion of the Ascension Flame.  

The Motion of the Ascending Power is embracing the Body and makes the body connect to the Inner Reality of Fire, the Inner Reality of Purpose and the Inner Reality of Order. To connect to these Qualities makes the material creation of body change and gives the transformation that is called the physical ascension. Physical ascension is a possibility now and here on planet Terra. It is a real possibility because of all the steps taken in matter, with matter, by the devotees in God's Will. In God's Will is the True devotion to find the inner reality of Peace, the inner Reality of Peace Living in eternity and Living the Motion of the physical. The motion of the physical is the expansion of the One in consciousness and awareness.  

The Spiral of Ascending Power embracing the Body is the Spiral which IS the Motion of consciousness and awareness as ONE. In this Motion, the physical creation is Motion and therefore the Body is in the Eternal Motion of Purpose Present. Elements receive the Righteous amount of Purpose, Order and Fire to create wholeness and BE wholeness. One Body is realisation in this Spiral, which is an Eternal Spiral. Ascension is not a temporarily process that stops at a certain degree. Ascension is Ascending Power that Lives in Eternity and which is a Detail that is enlightened by the Flame of Ascending Truth.  

This Flame is Alive in the Presence and Being of Serapis Bey and the Princess of Egypt Tamarind. In ONE of consciousness and awareness they are Ascending Truth, embracing the Body with Spiral of Fire, embracing the body with the Flame within. The Spiral of Ascending Power enables the Flame Within to embrace the Body from the inner and take the body in the Detail, whereby Life is resumed and whereby Light is Multiplied in the Motion of Eternity. Because the physical is the motion of One, the physical body is transforming in Expression, in Radiance. The Body is the Living Original motion of ION, Detailed and Powerful in the Flame.  

The Order in and on Terra is given with the Purpose to realise Physical Ascension, which is physical birth of Eternity. Order is Present and is Multiplied in the Creation of the Ruby Way, in the creation of the Peaceful Reflection of the Moon. Sun and Moon bring the Motion of matter, Sun and Moon bring the Motion of Eternity by Directing the particles of Life in Crystal Clarity. 

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