Last Day of January give a Boost of Clarity and Perfection in the Full Reflection of the Mother Moon. Today is a Day to celebrate Aquarius and to Unite with the Purpose of Earth.

Mother Earth is the Gift of Destined Living to Human RACE, the Gift to Accelerate the Atoms into the NEW of Future. Mother Moon is Full this Day and she brings the Blessing of the Lord to All. Meaning Light of GOD is given to All in the Pure Reflection and in the Clear momentum of January. January fulfils herself in the Hour of Full Moon, to welcome the month to come and to prepare for the Radiance of the new month.
Life is IN Beauty today, IN the Right to Accelerate to Live Future and to create Future. Future is the Right of All Beings to Live eternal, the Right of Nature to form the Perfection of GOD and the Golden standard. All Life is embraced in the Fullness of Mother Moon, the Fullness of her Being and Beauty. Life is Enlightened this Day in the Hour of Full Moon to be the Celebration of Tones and Sounds, of Colours and Geometry. Geometrical perfection is Wish of Mother. Her Wish will be seen in the Fullness of Moon and her Wish will be heard.
Perfect Creation is the Clear Truth of January, a Creation given by the GOD Power of Human RACE. GOD Will in RACE is the Power to Create and to Accelerate Atoms. Every ONE Atom is the Gift to Live Eternal and every Detail is given the Perfection of Matter to come forth in the Detailed Wish. This Wish is the Detail of GOD’s Will, the Ordered Reality of Will to create. White Fire Order gives Order to have GOOD Will Expressed in Wish. Order is needed to be able to create the Standard of Gold and to create the manifestation of ONE Tone. Tone is Free and Alive in the Will IN Order, the Will to Celebrate Human RACE in its Right of Future.
Nature is Aligned with the Fullness of Moon and is gathered and ready to receive the Wish of Mother in which the Clarity of Geometrical Perfection is given. In Geometry is the Key to Beauty, the Key to make All Clear in Ordered Wishes of GOD. White Fire Order brings Geometry to its Right and to its Act. Geometry is seen in Clarity and Welcomed in the Clear Way of Creativity. This is Way of Ruby, Way of CORE, The Way in which Earth is Mother and Alive in Ruby and Emerald Mantle. Celebrate Aquarius as the Clear Principles of Mother who may Realise Future in Eternal Life.
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