NEW Moon is coming to enhance the NEW Truth of Life in the Aquarian Constellation and in the Way of CORE.

Enhancing this Way is Enlightening Human RACE in the Principles of Aquarius and liberating RACE to Create freely in Will. Moon will be Aquarius and Moon gives All Opportunity to rise in the Ordered Wholeness of Source. White Fire is Source and realises Flames in Existence and in Right Time of Eternity.
Eternal Truth is Alive in the Power of Creativity, alive in the NEW Way of Creating and Being Human. Human Being receives Reflection of Aquarius in Moon her Brightness. Bright Light of Moon is the Activity of NEW in Truth of LAW. Order of White Fire is Aligned with Right to Create and with Beginning of Eternal Time. Time Begins in the Act of Creating, but is Eternal in Truthful Promise of Destiny. Creating Destiny is Creating The Way of Aquarius and making CORE OF Earth MORE. IN CORE is the Brightness of Moon, because Moon Reflects CORE and the Direction for CORE as given in Sun. The Power of Sun is Golden. Gold is the focal point for our Earth to realise her orbit in Space and Solar System. In the Ordered Whole she Lives to give Motion in Aquarian Promise and to realise Destiny in ONE Design.
Welcome Aquarius in Earth, in CORE, in Being Human. Welcome Aquarius in the Power to realise MORE Life in Active Truth of Living.

NEW Moon of Aquarius – Passion of Aquarius
New Moon was at 22.07 and there was a partial Solar Eclipse in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and the South Pole.
Mura: Ga lekker zitten, leg je linkerhand even op je hart en dan je hand weer een stukje van je hart af en weer op je hart. Klop zacht op je hart. Zo ga je door, je ontvangt een impuls in je hart, het is de hartslag van Aquarius. De hartslag van Aquarius breng je in jouw hart. Adem door en probeer het inderdaad zacht te doen, dat je zorg draagt voor de hartslag in je lichaam, het Aquarius lichaam. Ga maar door en dan ben jij Isabel.
Life is Welcomed in the Rhythm of Aquarius. Life is embedded within the Passion of Aquarius.
The Passion of Aquarius is to Live the Principles of Freedom, to Live and Realise the Wish of every Human Being in God’s Will. The Passion of Aquarius is to Realise Christ in ALL, to Be Crystal.
So in a way we can say that Aquarius is the Passion of the Christ, the Passion of the Christ in every Human Being, because every Human Being is Passionate about Creativity, Passionate about Willingness. Every Human Being is Passionate to Realise a World, a Creation in which we ALL are United, in which we ALL are Human.
Being Human is being Born upon this planet, being Born within the Womb of Mother. Womb of Mother is the Space that is provided to RACE to Realise God’s Gift, to Realise God’s Gratitude and to be therefore God’s Grace.
In Space, in the Womb of Mother, is Life physically given and this physical Constitution, this physical Constellation and the physical Formation of Life is the physical Reality as it is Promised in the Aquarian Age.
Human RACE is embedded within the Rhythm of Aquarius and the New Moon will Reflect this Rhythm, the New Moon will Reflect the Principles of the Constellation and therefore the Constellation can be physical Present upon Earth. Present within Atoms, present within Cells and within the Constellation of Aquarius, Human Body can rise, Human Body can be created. Materialising Earth and Human as ONE Body is Materialising the Body of Aquarius which is an Eternal Body. It is the Body of Aquarius that starts to be Alive within the Start of the Zodiac and it is the Body of Aquarius that will function as the Base, a Ruby Base, for All the Ages to come, it is a Base that gives Eternity.
So Invite the Aquarian Pulse, Invite the Aquarian Rhythm and Be as Human Being embedded within the Aquarian Principles. Be Sealed within the Aquarian Constellation.
The Moon Reflects Aquarius, so ALL may See Aquarius, so All may Rise in the Truth of Aquarius. Be the Passion of Christ in the Aquarian Age. Be the Passion that is given in the Clarity of Crystal, so All may See the True Wish, the Wish to be Passionately Creative.
Meditation continues: Ontspan maar weer. Adem goed door en dan kom je weer terug.
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