Full Moon is coming in the Right of Aquarius to Shine and to Radiate, to Reflect and to be Perfect. Full Moon honours the Light of the Sun and gives RACE Opportunity to redirect Life into the Beauty of Aquarius.

Ordered Aquarius is the Order of White Fire in the Waves of Aqua Reign spread and created. Creating the Light of Sun as form and manifesting the Eternal Truth of Ordered White Fire, is Honouring the Principles of Aquarius and giving Time Space. Space is the Gift to realise Eternity, to realise the Aquarian Truth and the Glory of this Age. Aquarian age is the Age to dream and to realise wonders in the Colourful Rainbow of HOPE.
Moon Lives to Reflect and to show her Beauty. Moon Lives to Accelerate Right of Sun to give Principles and Direction of Aquarius. Moon gives Earth the Pulse to Live the Rhythm of Aquarius and to materialise as the Perfection of Order in Aquarian Reign. Aqua Reigns in the Beautiful Order of CORE, the Order in Ruby. Divinity of Ruby makes Order Magical and Magnanimous. The Magnanimous Truth of Order is given to the Detailed Flames and to the Honourable creative Actions of Human RACE. Order is in CORE and Active in the Atoms and Cells Alive as EARTH. These Atoms are Honoured in the Reflection of Aquarius, the Reflection of Moon.
Moon gives Clarity in her Reflection and makes Life MORE in the Magic of Aquarius. Aquarius is Magical because she starts a NEW Dream, a NEW Life. Aquarius is the Active Realisation of Eternal Life in the Truth of Order and in the Bliss of United Nature. United Nature of Human Being is activated and awakened in the Reign of Aqua. Moon Reflects this Reign and gives to the Awakening of RACE. RACE Awakens in the Order of Nature, which is Active in the Design of Emerald. Reflecting the Emerald Order to Earth and RACE, is Reflecting the Purposeful Wish in Aquarian dream. Dream of Aquarius Lives to Glorify every Detail, to magnify every Flame.
All Flames Live Equal in the purpose of ONE Way and Stream. All Flames Lives Equal in the Righteous understanding of Creative Truth.

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