This day it was New Moon at 14.14
Isabel held her left hand before her heart, with the thumb and forefinger together like the letter O. She started with singing Ohm and then there came to our surprise Mega. Together we did it 3 times O-mega. O-mega. O-mega.
In the Reflection of the Moon, in the Perfection of the Moon of Aquarius and in the Fulfilment of this Hour and this Date, is the Reality and the Promise of Eternity a fact.

Therefore we Invite and we bring the Moon that gives Eternity. In Eternal Reflection it is that Youth comes up and in the Perfection, in Order and in Motion of Youth Life Springs. This means that Life Springs in the Wellness of Well that Life Springs in the Reigning Direction of Sun. It means that Life Springs in the Natural Order of Aquarius because Aquarius is fulfilled in her Reflection, she is shown to Human RACE.
Planet Earth has received the Reflection of Aquarius, Reflection of the Aquarian Age. And in receiving this Reflection, Earth is Awakened, she is Touched and Stirred within the Truth of her Axis. Her Spinning Motion Honours the Direction of Aquarius in Sunrays. And this Direction is given to Realise the Manifestation of her Eternal Body, of her Eternal Youth. Being Youthful is being the Expression of Core. Being Youthful is showing the Light of the Inner; it is to be the Sun itself.
In the Radiant Youth of Nature is the Beginning of Eternity. In the Radiant Youth that gives the Order of White Fire Expression is the Realisation of Details. Details in Communion make Eternity which means the Moon will Reflect the Details in Union. Moon of Eternity or Eternal Moon Reflects the fact that Communion is based upon Details and that Nature gives an Order in which Details come to pass.
The Natural Order of Aquarius is to Commune, to Communicate. The Natural Order of Aquarius is to rise as a Detailed Formation. This Detailed Formation is formed in the Order of the Elements. As Hierarch of Nature I Am the Bliss of Nature. As the Truth of Nature I come forth within the Emerald Design because I bring the Realisation of Eternal Form and I do this in Oneness with Moon, I do this in the Gift of Reflection and I do this in the Honouring of Direction.
Sun and Moon are United and Earth Lives within this Union, Human RACE Lives within this Union. And fact is that Nature and the Natural Order of Life is Alive within this Union, the Union of Reflection and Direction.

Isabel brought her left hand in mirror image with the right to her heart. Both hands formed the figure eight.

Details are United as Communion in the Aquarian Age. Details are able to Come Forth in the Reflection of Moon. A Detailed Formation gives an Eternal Formation. Moon of Eternity Welcomes All Details in the Aquarian Constellation. Eternal Moon Welcomes the Truth of Eternal Direction and when Direction is given in Gratitude and in Eternal Motion, Direction gives Wellness, Direction gives Comfort.
In Coming Forth as Detail, you Come Forth in Eternal Reality of Life, this Reality is the Eternal Truth of Nature which is the Expression of Ordered White Fire, it is the Expression of ONE Whole that is Designed to establish the World and Word of God. In the Word of God is the Promise that is given to Live as ONE, the Promise given to Live a Union. So Be the Communion in the Moon of Eternity, Be the Communion of Details in Eternal Reflection and Realise Eternal Reflection as a Creation of this Planet, a Creation that is Pearly, a Creation that is Ruby. In Ruby Nature All Live Comfortable. In Ruby Nature there is No Harm. In Ruby Nature the World is Alive in Peaceful Moment.
So we Honour Omega and we bring ourselves in the Reflection of Omega, Reflection of Eternal Moon.
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