Moon is Eternal in Reflection and given to RACE to rise All. In the rising of All is the Purpose of Aquarius and in the Right to Create is the Gift of Moon. Being Creative is done in the Union and Motion of Sun and Moon. Moon Lives to Glorify Eternity and to make All Life Sound in the Tone of Active Age. Age is Alive in the given NEW and in the Momentum of Eternity. Age is Active in the Creative Power of RACE in which Gratitude is the Way.

Honouring Sun and Moon is Honouring Nature, Honouring The Way to make All Life Active in ONE Way. Realising Way is realising the Eternal Truth of Promise and of Reflection. Purpose of Life is the Gift of Creativity in RACE, the Gift of Being Equal in Right. Creative Power in RACE is the Promise to manifest NEW Life and NEW Creative Right. In this Right is Way to make Life MORE and to make Life Eternal. Eternal manifestation of Living is Eternal Truthful Activity of Space. Space is fulfilled in the Right to Create and the Right to manifest MORE. Space is fulfilled in the Momentum of Eternity in which All Life is the Glorious Truth of Human RACE.
Active Reflection of Moon is Active Right to Create. Creating Purposeful is filling Space with the NEW Right in Aqua Reign. Aquarius Reigns with the touch of Sun and with the touch of Clear Water. Clear Water is Way of Living and Clear Reign is Active in the Eternal Right of Being Human. Human is RACE in the Union of Flames, in the Motion of Sun and Moon in given Direction and Reflection.
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