Moon is NEW in the Right to Reflect the Ionic Perfection of the Atom Sphere. Atom Sphere is filled with the Atoms of Creation, realised in the Union of Father Sky and Mother Earth.

Moon Reflects the Perfection of these Atoms, in the Right to BE ION and therefore to be Ionic. Every particle in Creation receives Reflection of Moon to manifest the Truth of its CORE. CORE is Expanding in the Direction and Waves of Aquarius to become the Perfect Eternal Creation in the Destiny of this Age. Destiny is IN Direction given and IN Order of Reflection materialised. Materialising the Promise of Equality in Atoms, is Creating the ION of Aquarius. 
This ION is given to Create Detailed form, Detailed face of GOD. ION gives the Ordered realisation of form, the Ordered NEW of the Gift of Direction. Destiny in Aquarian Waves manifests in the Truthful Activity of ONE Way and Age. Moon is Welcomed by the Wish of Human RACE to create the Destiny of Aquarius and to Live the Standard of this Age. Living the Aquarian Way, is Being able to Create the NEW Way and the NEW Right. Right to Live Eternal is a NEW Right. This Right becomes Real in the ION’s Presence. All ION’s in Union form the Body of Eternity, which is the Body of Union. Father Sky embraces Mother Earth and gives Life the Reality of Tone in Aquarius. Aquarian Tone is the Giver to All, the Giver to manifest ONE. 
Reflection of Moon is MORE, since we have fulfilled the Moon of Eternity and have invited the Ionic Moon. Moon of ION Reflects the Perfection of Atoms, in the Waves and Reality of Aquarian Eternity. Aquarius IS Eternal in the fact that Life is the constant Motion of Ages, the constant and fulfilling Realisation of ONE Tone. Tones Live Active and Tones Live in the NEW Age of Aquarius to Comfort All Life in the Perfect Way of Ionic Motion. 
Copyright: Ascending All


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