Full Moon of ION and Sealing the Month of Gratitude. ION is Active in Gratitude of RACE and Created in the Right use of Power. Power in Gratitude given, is Right and creates NEW Realisation of Life. Life is Active in the Glory of Truth and in the resonance of ION in Aquarian Waves. Waves of Aquarius are Alive in the Promised Destiny and Destined Promise of Living Nature. Nature is Alive in the Glorious Truth of Full Moon, the Truth of Clear Reflection.

Moon Reflects the Right of every Atom to be IONic, which is to be Active in forming a Detail. Detailed formations give Light of Sun its Reflection and manifest the Direction of Ray in Precision. Precision of Atoms is IONic, is Active in the ION which Lives in Grace. ION is Aligned in the Glorious Power of Human Nature, which is the Power of ONE Ray in Sun. This Ray is Direction in Union with All, in the Reality of Aquarian Truth. Directive Power in Sun Directs Life to realise and create ION in RACE, to Awaken RACE in Creativity. Creative RACE is Aligned in GOD, Aligned in the Order of White Fire. White Fire Order is MORE than the Active Design, MORE than the Activity of Direction.
White Fire is touched by the Direction of Sun and Lives in the Reflection of Moon. Sun and Moon United bring Ordered White Fire to a manifest Reality, to manifest Truth in their Motion. White Fire Lives IN Motion, IN Active Design of Emerald Order. Order of Emerald makes Waves in the Aquarian Right, in Aquarian Direction. IONs are Activated in Reflection of Moon, Activated to realise Light in the Motion of Aquarian Direction. Moving with the Light of Aquarius is moving with the Right to be All in ONE Ray and to be ONE Direction in All Rays. All Rays penetrate the NEW Glory and Way of CORE, All Rays touch the CORE to Expand and Express, to make NEW Life Active in the Promise of Gratitude as Grateful RACE, GOD’s RACE
Copyright: Ascending All

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