NEW Moon is in Action, NEW Moon is Free. Revealing the Purpose of ONE Destiny. Destined Aquarius and Destined Tone.
Give Order to Live in Fullness of Throne.

Design of Emerald Reveals her Destiny to Embrace Creative Ability of MAN. Living The Way to make Matter Clear and MORE is Living The Way to fulfil All in Right. IN Right is the Action to make Life NEW and to create Wonders of Nature. Moon of Destiny gives her Reflection to fulfil Aquarius in the Promise of RACE. RACE is Active in Promise of Rainbow, the Promise of HOPE. HOPEful Design is Revealed and is base for ION in Truthful Expression.
Expressing Eternity in the Order of White Fire is Expressing Eternity in Tone of GRACE. Living Future is Living Momentum of Eternity and the Living Action of Realised NEW. May all manifest the Glory of GOD and the Power of ONE Way in Creative Ray.
Copyright: Ascending All


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