Pentecost is the Freedom of Spirit in every Body, in every ION Awake in the Destined Future of Aquarius. Aquarius is Alive in the Gift of Future, in the continuous Motion of ONE Way.

ONE Way is Active in All Cells and Atoms, in the ION making Future Real. Real is the Promise of Eternity and Real is the fact that Life is a Continuous Motion of Truth. Sun and Moon give Life to this Motion and realise Order within this Motion. Sun and Moon bring the Power to Reign all in Aquarius, in Equal Detailed Right. Right of Aquarius is Freedom in Eternity and Freedom in The Way of Living. Living Eternal and Living in the Right to Activate NEW, is Living in the Free Way of CORE. CORE is Active in Tone of Aquarius, touched in Direction of Sun.
Sun Directs to have Life Alive in Motion of Aquarius and in the Rays of Aquarius. Sun Directs ION to Live Free in Spirit and to Live Active in the physical Right of Free Dome of every Body. Body is Naturally created as Free Dome, Being the Eternal form of Human Detailed Ray. Being a Detailed Ray, Expressing its Right is Being a Detailed Truth of the entire Design Life IS. Design of Life is Truth, is True. Design of Life is MORE in the Active Way to fulfil Aquarius and to Live her Destiny. Constellation gives Right to Activate NEW and to Activate Life in Allness. All are Active in Acceleration, Active in ONE Living Tone. Tone makes Truth Real, physical. Tone gives frequency to Order All in Way of Being.
Life is Eternal in Active Truth, in Motion of Rays of Sun. Sun gives Order and Direction. Sun brings Rays to touch CORE and to manifest CORE in this Direction. Directing the Power to create and to manifest NEW, is in Sun its Aquarian Way and Right. Sun is IN Constellation of Aquarius the inspiration to give MORE and to make Life NEW.
Copyright: Ascending All

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