Preparing Full Moon
Moon brings Tone of Destiny, Tone of the Welcoming Power of Heaven. Heaven is Earth in the Ascending Spiral of Truthful Living and Breathing.

Breathing the Tone of Aquarius and the Tone of ONE Way in Perfection, is Breathing the Perfect Right to be creative. Creative Human RACE is able to manifest Destiny in the Power to make all rise and to make All Ascend. ONE Ascending Spiral is active for All Details, for all Flames in Emerald Active. Heaven IS Earth in the right to be creative and to be a Natural Human Being. Human RACE is Aligned in Sun Ray of Aquarius, Aligned to create ONE Destined form.
Form of Future is Form of Aquarian Ray and Way, form of ONE Active Design. Design of Emerald is the mantle for Earth to realise the Heavenly Truth of Matter. Matter is Gifted with Detailed formations, Gifted with the ability to be form and to be Perfect as form. In this ability is Opportunity for Human Being to rise and to Live the Ascension as an Eternal Reality of Life. Eternal Life is Alive in the Promised Way of Living and in the Promise of Rays in Union. United as ONE Tone and as ONE Living Truth, Human RACE is Active in the Promise of Destiny. Earth is destined to be Pearly and to be Ruby. Earth is Destined to be the Gracious Mother, manifesting Detailed formations as Perfect Reflection.
This Reflection is in Pearl and shows the Divinity of Love, which is the Eternal Love of ONE Sun. Sun is CORE, Ordered White Fire. Eternal Sun is the Order of White Fire, the ONE Sun for All. Life is in its Source given, in Sun given. Sun and Moon of Earth are form to give Life on Earth and in this Solar System. Sun and Moon realise the Perfect Truth of Living in the Direction of Eternity, the Direction within Ordered White Fire given. Original or Eternal Direction is IN White Fire Orderly given. This Direction is in the Radiance of Eternal Sun, the Radiance of ONE Golden Destiny in All. Moon of Earth has been granted permission to reflect the Destined Golden Way given in Eternal Sun, given in the Eternal Direction of Order. Which means Moon is able to Reflect the Destiny of CORE, Destiny of White Fire.
Full Moon
Full Moon is now and Active in Wish of RACE to Clarify Creation and to manifest Destined form. Full Moon gives Reflection of Destiny in White Fire, in CORE. CORE is Revealed in the Age of Aquarius and is Directed in this Constellation to materialise in the Grace of Human RACE. RACE is Creative, RACE is Grateful for the Order in CORE Present. Within Order is Way of Being Natural, Way of Being Free. Free Creativity gives Destined form, Eternal form.
Form of Eternity is created in Wish, created in Active Right to create. Creating IN Right and IN manifestation of Truth, is creating in Destiny. Purpose is given to manifest NEW and to Activate CORE in the Right to create of RACE. Living Natural as RACE is Living in the Power of Alchemy and in the Promise of ONE Direction. ONE Direction gives Way to All and Purpose to All. Purposeful Creativity is Being able to manifest Eternity in the Detailed Truth of ONE Constellation.
Aquarius is Destined to live as Eternal Freedom in Future. Future Ages and Future Reality is Future of HOPE in every form. Form is IN Aqua Reign and IN Aqua Truth. Within Truth All Life forms Destined and Right, Ordered and Well. Moon is Reflection of Purpose in All, of Destiny in ONE Source Directed.
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