Welcoming NEW Moon
Moon is coming to Reflect the Direction of Aquarius and to give Way in the Rays of Sun Light.

Reflecting Direction is Living the Life of Equality, of Clarity and Motion. Reflecting Direction is in Moon the purpose of her Being and the Gift of her CORE. Moon gives Life in reflecting the Powerful Truth of Direction, which is the Truth in which Life moves upward and forward. Forward Motion is the Truth of Living, the Truth of Breathing.
Breathing as Human Being is Breathing the Light of Sun and Moon as ONE, given in the Right of Creator to create. This Right Lives in RACE, IS in RACE a fact. RACE is Human RACE because of its Creative Power and because of its Right to manifest the Glorious and Perfect Future in Aquarian Right. Direction in Sun is the Right of Aquarius to manifest itself and to Equalize Living Nature. Living Nature is Free because of its United State. Sun and Moon are United in Promise and give Order in their ONE Wish to give Life. Life is realised in the Truth of Ordered White Fure, which can be Life in the Direciton of Sun and the reflection of this Direction. Moon Reflects the Direction of Sun in her Promise to give Life to All.
Moon Reflects for All. Moon comes IN the Righteous Reflection to bring All upward in the Spiralling Truth of Breathing. Breathing as Human Being is Breathing to come forth in the Activity of Light, the Activity of Motion. Motion is the Activity in Light, the Right of Light to come forth in ONE Promise Truth. Truthful interaction of RACE is based upon the Direction of Sun. When Moon Reflects this Direction, the Direction of Aquarius, the Truthful interaction of RACE Awakens. In this Awakening RACE may give her Creativity, her Right to create as Creator does.
Creating NEW form, Directed form, is creating the Love of CORE and the Order of CORE. CORE is Expressed in Honouring Direction and receiving its Reflection. Moon of Direction is coming to Glorify the Right to create, to Glorify the Destiny of RACE to be creative and to give Creation of EARTH. A Spiralling Creation, a Creation in Motion to give All Details Space in Emerald Truth.

Fulfilling Destiny
Free Space to create is given in the Destined Motion of Light. Moon of Destiny has given Reflection to make Space MORE for RACE to form the Expansion of CORE. CORE needs Space to Expand, Space to realise Future. In Moon of Destiny is given Space for CORE so Destiny can be fulfilled. Fulfilling the Right to Exercise NEW and to be Creative in Expansion is fulfilling the Right to make Life Free in Wish. Wishing Future is Wishing Details to Live and Wishing Truth to be Real. Reality of Life is Life in ONE Way and Promise. Reality of Life is Life in ONE Motion given.
When Destiny is Clear for Creation, she can grow in the Order of CORE and intended Way. Way is Intended in Freedom, Creation is intended to Live Free and to be United. Union of All is Union of Gift and Union of Loving Promise. Love is the intention of Way and the intention in every Ray of Sun. Directive Power of Rays is needed to make Destiny Real, to make Love Real. Creating Future is done in Active Design, done in the Wish of Truth. Every Wish is IN Design, IN Order. Ordered Expansion is Life of Truth and Life of MORE. Ordered Expansion Lives in Creative Right, in Creative Ability of RACE. RACE has Promised to Create and to BE the Activity of Creative Right itself. Moon of Direction is given to fulfil Destiny in RACE and Earth, to make EARTH Real. Real form is Sealed form, form in the Perfection of Truthful Design.

New Moon of Direction
Dictation given at 21.45
Enlighten the Torch of Direction, Enlighten the Power of Truth. Enlighten the forward and upward Motion of the Aquarian Constellation. To Enlighten this Motion is to bring Forth and to Awaken the Direction within this Age. The Sun gives its Rays in ONE Direction and this Direction is Reflected in the New Moon. This Moon is Perfect, this Moon is Clear because in Perfection and Clarity Direction is Reflected.
Reflecting the Direction of Sun, Reflecting the Direction of the Aquarian Rays is Reflecting and Forming Perfection. It is in the Perfect ION which is given in a former Moon that Aquarius Lives that Aquarius Breathes and that Aquarius is given as Creation.
Human RACE is Awakening in the New Direction, the Direction of Truth, the Direction of Aquarius. And in this Power which Awakens All, the Details are Arising within the Emerald Design, Arising as ONE Form, Arising as a Constellation.
So, the Constellation of Aquarius is Below as she is Above and within the Torch of Direction, within the Power of Truth, All Flames Arise as New Life.
So, bring Power to the Torch of Direction, give Breath to the Torch of Direction. Let this Flame of Direction be Alive upon Earth. Let this Flame of Direction be Present within Matter.
This is our Prayer, this is our Wish. This is the Wish in ONE Human RACE. Lift up the Moon, Lift up her Sacredness. Realise that ONE Reflection is the Gift in us ALL.
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