Full Moon of Direction
Moon is Full in the Right to Reflect, manifest in the Ordered Direction of Sun. Sun brings Light to touch RACE and Earth in the Ability to expand and be MORE.

Life is Alive in the Gift of NEW, the Gift of Being Freely Creative. Reflection of Moon shows Direction it Straightness and Clarity. Reflection of Moon paves Way to bring forth Life in the Perfection of Ordered Right. Direction is given to manifest Order and to give Life Right. IN Right is The Way of Aquarius in which Reflection and Direction are ONE Light as form. Moon of Direction starts with this Light, she gives the Aquarian Truth of Reflection IN Direction and of Direction Reflected in form.
Fullness of Moon emphasises the Right of Earth and RACE to realise the NEW Direction in Light. This is Direction to create Right and to manifest Order, to give GOD a face in The Way of Truth. Truth Lives in the Gift of Direction, in the Power to make Light MORE. MORE Light gives Opportunity to rise and to Ascend. MORE Light brings base in the Creativity of RACE. This base needs to develop as Truthful Activity and Truthful Motion. ONE Way is Way IN Direction, IN the Perfection of Sun in Aquarian Sign. Moon shows ONE Way and brings Love to Direction to have it rise and to give it the Right to Exist. Direction is IN Right in Celebrating Full Moon. Direction is IN Destiny given, when Reflected as Clear form.

Perfect Direction formed
Righteous and True is the Moon in Reflect, giving Perspective to show All Life the Glory of Way and Sun Rays. Direction is given in Sun to realise Life of CORE and to make CORE the substance of growth and Multiplication. Multiplying Way of Freedom and Way of Eternal gift, is Multiplying the Light to come forth in Perfection. All Life Lives in the Glory of Truth and in the Righteous beginning of Eternity. Eternal Motion is Free in Direction, Free in the Gift of Spirals and MORE. MORE Life is Active in Aquarian Reign and Active in the Promise of Nature. MORE Life is Free in the Gift to Accelerate Future.
Living the Light of Eternity is Living the Light of Sun in Direction Directed. All Life Sings the Glory of Eternity and Sounds in the Tone of Aquarian Truth. Heartbeat of Eternity is Heartbeat of Future, the Heartbeat of ONE Way to Collect All Life in Truth. Beginning to Live in the Perfection of Tomorrow, is Beginning to Create in the base of Emerald. Emerald Truth is Directed in Sun Ray, Ordered in White Fire to Express itself as the face of GOD. Human RACE is the Right ONE to carry GOD and his face, to be the Multiplier of ONE Light. Multiplying the Light is Multiplying Truth to come forth and to realise itself in The Way to Comfort All. All are IN Comfort and All are IN Ascension to give HOPE its Way and to materialise NEW.
Being Alive in the Glory of GOD is Being Alive in the Perfection of Direction and in the Reflection that forms it. Reflecting the Directed Light is making The way for RACE to abide in ONE Tone and to Live ONE Sound. Perfect Right is in Order and Perfect Truth is in the HOPEful Gift of Moon.
Copyright: Ascending All


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