Rising of Human Nature
Very early in the morning, at 4.49, time of the NEW Moon, this dictation was given.
Spread the Word that Earth Lives in the Embracement of Father. Spread the Word in the Truth of Direction. And in this Truth is given the Reflection of Moon, in the Power of Earth, in the Power of Truthful Earth.

Within Truth the Ascension of Earth is a fact. And in this Ascension is the Spiralling Motion of Eternity. Spiralling Motion gives All Future, gives All Realisation of a New Home and within this is the rising of the Natural Body, the rising of Human Nature.
When Earth is Embraced by Father -by Father Sky- there is Wholeness, there is Oneness, there is Union. Human may Live in Union, in the Reflection of the Moon of Earth. Human may Live United in the Detailed Constellation of Aquarius. Therefore Earth is Reflected as the Promise to All, as the Promise of Eternal Life. And in the Reflection of Earth is the Spiralling Motion, the Awakening of this Motion gives a New Destiny to Atoms and Cells, a New Destiny which is Receiving the Pulses of Aquarius and the Pulses of the True Ionic Future.
Hear the call of Nature and hear the Voice of Creator because in this Sound, which is attuned with the Tone of Aquarius, is the New Moon rising and in her Light, in her Reflection is the Gratitude that Lives within RACE. The Grace of Human RACE is the Ability to Create and within this Ability Creation is Reflective as Moon.
Reflect Earth, Reflect the Promise of Earth, Reflect the Truth of her Being which is to BE an Ascending Earth, which is to BE Paradise.

Moon of Earth
NEW Moon is given in the Voice of Father and in the Right of Father to create and to BE MORE. Being MORE is the active Right of Life.In Light MORE is realised and created. IN Light is The Way to precipitate Life in the Blossoming Truth of Sounding Prayer. The Prayer of Mother is given in the Embracement of Father, which is the Prayer for All Life. All Life IS in the Emerald Truth given and Ordered. Within this Order is the Right of Origin Freely Active. Free Act of Origin Expresses itself in the Creative Will of RACE, the Creative Right to be Grateful and Truthful in LAW.
LAW mandates Light to be Multiplied and to be seen in the Active Creativity of RACE. Being Creative is Being Full of the Light of Sun and Moon, Full of the Glorious Power of ONE Way. ONE Way Lives in the Act Divine, in the Active comfortable Right to Accelerate ONE. In this Right is the Truth of HOME and the Truth of Gratitude. Human RACE has Right to materialise NEW and to materialise ONE Tone. Tone is Actively fulfilling the NEW Way and the Right to make Life seen. Life is Full of the Glory of Truth and Full of the Active Right of ONE Ray in Sun. Sun Rays Direct to make Future and to make Aquarius Shine.
Shining Aqua Reign is the Perfect Reflection of Mother Earth, the Perfect face of Father seen. Father’s Voice is Clear and gives Comfort to All in releasing its Breath. Breath is the Motion for Rays to continue in Light and to give RACE the Comfortable Activity of Living. Loving the way of Aquarius and Loving to Create is Loving ONE Sound in All Details. All Details are Ordered in Emerald Truth, Ordered in Gift of Mother her Prayer.
Copyright: Ascending All

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