Free Tone Lives Eternal in the Emerald Truth of ONE Way in All. Free Tone is the Action of Creative Power, the Action of Living Eternal Truth.

Truthful Design is Truthful Activity in the Power of Human RACE, in the Power of Creative RACE. RACE is Alive in the Promised Truth of Eternity, the Truth of Eternal Righteousness. Righteous Creative Power is Righteous ONE in Human RACE. RACE Lives Aligned with the Constellation of Aquarius, Aligned to Glorify All Details and All Life. Life is IN Future arranged to make ONE Whole, to make NEW Living Future. NEW Future is in Emerald Design, NEW Future is in Active Right to Create.
Creating the Tone of Promised Aquarius, is creating the Tone of ONE Free Way. Free Life is in the Fullness of Moon, in the Right to create Free Way of CORE. Emerald Right is Creative in RACE, Creative and Active in Living Tone. Tone Lives to fulfil All Details, to Organise All Details in the Order of Emerald Truth. Truth is the Line to be Creative, the Line to make Active Right Aligned in The Way of Future Living. Future Lives in the Act of Truth, in the Active Design of Living Tone. Tone gives Freedom to All Details and in Freedom is Future Alive. Alive in the Truth of King, Alive in the Truth of Direction, Future unrolls as the Act of Design.
Design is Active in the Will of Father and the Prayer of Mother. Design is Active in the Faithful form of RACE its CORE. CORE is IN Faith formed, IN Faith Active to make ONE Design Truthful Life. Living Eternal and Living in Space, is Living the Right to create and to make Future Real. Real Future is Real Tone of Emerald, Real Tone of Free Living CORE. Ruby Truth in CORE is the Activity of Design, the Activity of Ordered Whole. Fullness of Moon gives Earth her Right to be Creative, her Right to Expand in the Ruby Space of CORE. CORE is in Earth to Live Free and Well, to Live the Design of Terra her Future. Future Springs in the Active Truth of Order, in the Activity of CORE in Expansion. Expanding CORE is Expanding Right to make Way for All Details, to Live Free in Alignment with Aquarian Reign.
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