Aquarian Sounds Reign
Isabel Sounds the Horn of Aquarius three times.
We Sound the Horn to bring Aqua Reign.
We Sound the Horn to give Water in Vein.
We bring our Love, we bring Ruby Bliss.
We bring Full Creation in Nature that IS.

We are the Centaurs and we come forth in the New Moon of Water. We are the Centaurs who bring the Sound of Aquarius in the Horn that is given to us in Deep Trust and in Deep Faith. Within this Faith we bring forth the Aquarian Reign upon Terra and in Solar System. We Realise ourselves as the Centaurs because we are Full Glory in the Wisdom of Cosmos. We are Full Glory in the Reign of Aquarius.
Aquarius is an Age to be Golden, an Age to be Free. And within the Freedom of Water is the Gift of Aquarius, therefore we Sound the Horn, to touch the Water and to bring the wrinkles in Water. And when the Water is in Motion, you Realise the Waves within your Body, within every Atom and Cell.
From the Truth of our Beings, from the Truth of Nature, we give ONE Tone, the Tone of Aquarius. Aqua Reigns in every Atom of Water. Aqua Reigns and brings forth the Bliss of Nature. Within this Reality of Human RACE is Future, is Comfort and is Forgiveness. We All Forgive because Water comes forth. We All Forgive because Details are Rising.
In the Waves of Aquarius is ONE Sound and ONE Tone. In the Waves of Aquarius is ONE Way for ALL. This is the Way that we see in Cosmos, this is the Way that we lead. And by following the Heart of Terra, by following the Path of Ruby, we hear the Core and within this Core is the Sound of Aquarius.
So Listen to the Horn, listen to the Tone, listen to the Wellness that Water brings. We call upon Water and we bring you Water. We bring the Rising of Moon and the Touching of Sun. In every Ray is Aquarian its Reign, in every Ray is Aqua its Reality.
Well-come Water. Well-come Tone. Well-come Aqua Reign, the Reign that gives ALL Rain.
Isabel Sounds the Horn for 3 times.
Copyright: Ascending ALL


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