Moon brings Reflection of Flow in Rivers, of the Beauty of Water in Aquarian Reign. Water Lives Freely in the Direction of Sun and in the Right to create Motion.

Motion is Life as the Promise of Destiny and as the Creative Power of Living Truth. Truth is ONE Way, ONE Comfort in Action. This Comfort is Life for All and Gift for ONE Expression.
Expressing Future in the Right of Water to be Clear and to be Active, is Expressing Future in Creative Human RACE. RACE Lives in the Union of Details and in the Union of Constellations in Cosmos. Aquarius is Active in Cosmos to make Life Full, to Reign Life as ONE Light and ONE Motion. Motion of Aquarius is the Living Light for All Rivers and for All Water. Moon shows Water it’s Perfect Way and Right. Its Right to BE Clear and to make All Anew.
Moon is Full in the Gift of Direction, in the Act of Creative Human RACE. Moon is Full to give Right a Position in Aquarius and to make Order IN Aqua rise. This means a NEW Order rises in the Truth of Elements, in the Union of Nature. Nature makes Free and gives Life the bow of Salvation, which is the bow of Loving Crystal.
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