Nine is the number in which Three is Multiplied and has become MORE. Nine is the Action of Today, because Nine is Active in Multiplied Way. Which gives the Multiplication of Three in several Acts, in several Realisations.

When Three is Active and Multiplied, Throne is Activated and Accelerated. Today this means that Terra as Throne for Human RACE is Ignited as Throne and Accelerated in the Action of Nine, the Action of Multiplied Three.
Geometrical Act of Nine is a very specific one, a touch of Three in Union. Three in Union gives Terra the Light in which she is Actively rotating around her Axes and actively orbiting around Sun. Sun is her focal point in the Motion of Perfection in Geometry. Geometrical Light is ONE Way in Direction of Sun. Geometry is Perfect because she is focused on Sun and its Direction to realise the Light and Order of Aquarius as form. Forming the Truth of Throne is creating as RACE in the Wellness of Three, the Wellness of Living ONE.
Tone of Aquarius is MORE in the Perfection of Nine, MORE in the Reigning of Aquarius within this Active Geometry. Water that Reigns as the Perfect Order and Way, receives Light of Multiplied Three Today. In this Truth is the Active Right to create and the Right to Live Aquarian. Truth of Three is given in Nine, in the Impulse of Today. Therefore the fulfilment of Moon in Water receives the Boost of Throne. Moon Reflects IN Water the Active Power of Nine, the Geometry of this number. Therefore Moon gives Waves in Water to make Terra Throne for All, a Perfect Throne for Life of Natural Human RACE.

New Moon of Air

Adem goed door, dan kunnen we de maan verwelkomen.
Breathe in and out and Realise the Geometrical Perfection which is given in the New Moon, which is given in the Flow of Air.
Welcome this Reflection. Welcome Moon and Welcome the Flow of Life as given in the Aquarian Waves. The Waves of Aquarius are Powerful and Strong. The Waves of Aquarius touch Core, touch Atom and Cell. And in this touch is the Realisation of a New Form, of a New Geometry.
Be ONE within the Circle of Life. Be ONE within the Base of the Triangle and Realise that All comes forth within this triangular shape. Be the Beginning and the Ending in Union and you do this by Breathing in and out. When you Breathe in you Welcome Life, when you Breathe out you bring your Detail in Life. You create the Circle of Life by being within the Motion of God’s Breath, by being within the Motion of Creator. Creator Breathes and within this Breath he has given the Will to Create. As Human RACE you bring this Will forth by Breathing. Every Breath you take is a Will to create, every Breath you take is a Will to be Alive upon this planet. And within this Will is your Willingness, your Obedience to be Creative, to be Human in its Natural Perfection, in its Natural Shape.
To form Human RACE is to form the Perfection of Geometry within the Aquarian Principles. This Age is Active to Realise a Perfection of Human RACE, to Realise a Nature of Human RACE. Being Natural as Human Being is Breathing, Breathing the Air that Welcomes Life and Breathing the Detail that Welcomes ALL. Because in Union or in ALL which is ONE Life becomes Form, Life IS Perfect. And in this Perfection is the Reflection of the Moon of Air given to ALL. It is the Air which we Breathe, it is Air in which Will to create is Active. And within the Waves of Water that are given by the former Moon and within the Realisation of the Equality in Earth, we give the Union of Elements.
You Live upon the Triangle, you Live upon the Three in ONE, you Live upon the Throne which is this Planet. It is given in Honour of Human Being, in Honour of ONE RACE. Throne is here, Active for you. And every moment when you Honour Air by Welcoming Air in your Breath, you Welcome Life as it is in Throne given; you Welcome Throne itself. When you Welcome Air, you Welcome the Principles of Aquarius within this Perfect and Natural Element.
Be the Waves of Aquarius when you Breathe and therefore you Unite Water and Air. Bring your Footsteps upon this Planet when you Breathe and therefore you Unite Earth and Air. Realisation of the Union of the Elements is the Gift in your Willingness to Create; it is the Gift in every Detail. So Breathe Out, so bring your Detail. Breathe Out to Be the Perfection in the Reflection of Moon. Breathe Out in the Willingness to Be Creator, to Be Natural Human Being. And Breathe IN to Welcome ALL, to Welcome ONE because ALL is ONE in the Form that Reflects, ALL is ONE in the Perfection, in the Flow of Life. This Flow is the Circle of Life, is the Perfection of Geometry. There is a Circle, there is a Triangle and in this Life is Sacred, in this Life is MORE.
Be the MORE of Life by Breathing in and out. Be the MORE of Life by being Creative. Be the MORE of Life by Welcoming MOON in New Air. A New Gift of Life is given today within Throne, within a Perfect New Born Terra.
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