written at 4.53
Awaken the Atoms in Breath of GOD to Honour the Rhythm of Life and to see with the EYE of ONE LORD. EYE sees All and gives Vision in the Waves of Aquarius, realised by the Reflection of Air. Breath is Present in Fullness of Moon to create NEW and to touch RACE with the Purity of Creative Will.

Will is Active to make Life MORE, to be GOD in Action as Human Being. Full Moon of Air emphasizes Will of GOD in RACE, Will of Creator in Being Human.
Full of Air and its Flow is the base of Creativity in Human RACE. This base is in Emerald and United with Tone of Aquarius. ONE Tone is given in Breath, ONE Tone Directs Way and Expression of RACE. Truthful Right of Vision sees Reflection of Air and makes Right an Ordered Flow in Life. Life is IN Light of Moon embraced by Breath, embraced by the Active Will to create. Create NEW and Honour Way in Flow of Comfort, the Waves of Aquarian Order in Right.
Welcome to Moon in Full Glory, Welcome to Reflection of Sunrays in Air.

Right in Air
The practical Reality of Air, Water and Earth is the Reality of Union. United they form the Body as Perfect Space for Detail to realise itself as Expression of GOD. GOD is the Right in every Human Being to Live Detailed and to have Detailed Wish. Wishful Living is Living in Tone and Being in the Perfect Straightness of Direction. Direction realises the Atom sphere in which Air, Water and Earth are United to be the Atom itself. Atom Lives IN Direction, IN the Gift of Natural Blossom.
In Autumn Air, Water and Earth are completed as ONE Union to meet Fire. Fire is the Righteousness of every Detail, the Element that gives Righteousness to All form. Right of GOD meets the Righteousness in Fire, which is to use the Right of GOD, the Right to be Creative. Creativity is Human Nature, a Human Detail that comes forth in the United Truth of Elements. Every Element is Active in the Space given to Nature, the Space given to Human to Breathe and to BE. Being Human is Breathing Love, Breathing the Love of ONE CORE and ONE GOD. Being Human is Being Alive in the Principles of Aquarius to create form in the Union of Elements.
Every Detail is IN Right to Express GOD and every Detailed Wish is able to use Light of GOD Righteous. Will to create is Active in Air to make Autumn the Perfect Seal of Summer and to give as Autumn the Perfect Light in Human Base.
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