Fresh is Air in the Promise of Moon, refreshed in the Beginning of Natural Life. Soon Fire is welcomed in the Nurturance of Mother, which is the Wish to CARE for RACE.

To CARE is to bring GRACE of GOD to its people, to Human RACE. This means to bring the Tone of every Wish in the Natural Light of Aquarius. Aquarius Lives in the Light of Nature, the Light of United Elements. Elements are United in Purpose and Truth, in Goal of ONE Way. Way is the Right to give NEW and to make All Shine. Way is the Right to Love and to make Wish manifest as Reality. Realised Truth is the Realisation of Earth, Water, Air and Fire as form. As Living Promise for All.
All are Promised to CARE, All are Promised to be IN Comfort and to Live the Right of Wish. IN Wish is the Power to bring forth Fire, to Invite Fire and to Direct Fire. When Fire is Invited by Wish, Wish can Truly Live and BE the Motion of Human Life. Human Life is Honoured in the Truth of Nature, in the Will to come forth and to Wish ONE IN Tone. Tone is the Expression of Age, of All and of the Detail in All. Tone is the Expression IN Waves to give Detail Light and Right in Aquarius to Shine. Shining Promise is a Singing Promise, a Song to Honour GOD. GOD is Honoured by Nature, by Inviting Fire into Life. When Fire is IN, Life is able to be the Motion of Wish and the Eternal form of Wishful Human Being. In this form is CARE, is GRACE, is Comfort.
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