Given Light is Reflected in Moon to embrace All Life with the Principles of Today. Life grows in the Embracement of the Father, in the Embracement of the Wish. Embracing Fire Within is serving All and giving All ONE Direction.

ONE Direction is the Truth of Sun and the Gift of Light. North is the Pole that receives Sun Light and Direction. North is the Pole serving All with Light given in Teaching and Light Expressed in Truth.
Directive Power is Reflected in Moon, Reflected to Activate the Fire within. True Direction serving All, touches the Fire within and gives All Opportunity to rise. Rising Details are Ignited Flames and bring forth Future. Future is the Reality of Wish Expressed. Expressing Wish is Expressing Truth of Fire. Fire is Wish and Wish in Expression is Fire in the Promise of All Alive. Wishes are the Active Power of Human Creativity, of the Human Ability to Create. Manifesting GOD is manifestation of the Wishes in ONE Direction Activated. Activating the Wish in Flames and in Human Beings, is done in Reflection of Moon.
Moon Reflects the Fire of Wish and therefore gives Truth of Human INNER. When INNER is Embraced and Honoured, Human RACE realises Creative Will in Wish. Will in Wish is Alive and Aligned in the Promise of Details in RACE. RACE is the Active Grace of GOD. Embracement of RACE and the Opportunity to create, is Embracement of Fire within.
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