Light is Active in the Elements and spread or formed in the Tone of Aquarius. Tones are Alive in the Principles of Aquarius, Tones of Detailed formations. Every Tone is gift to All, Light IN All Activated by the resonance of Detailed Truth.

Truth shines and sounds in the Tone of Aquarius and Sounds in the given Resolution of Details. Light in Nature is Activated by the Aquarian Right, by the Aquarian Tone. Living Nature is Free Nature of All, Free Nature of Detailed Expression. Reflecting the Detailed INNER is showing the Truth of Detailed Life, Eternal Life.
Moon Reflects the Detailed INNER, shows the Fire of All in Detailed Way. Wish is in CORE the Perfect Right to Live, Love and Create. Creating Perfection is Creating NEW Life, form that is continuously IN Motion of the resonance of Detailed Truth. Perfect form is Right and Righteous, being the Expressed Fire within, the Expressed Wish. Wishful Life or Creation is the Eternal Reality of ONE Tone and Way, of ONE given Truth. This Truth is in All present, Active in base of Human Being. Human Lives to create Future and to make Life Glorious. Human RACE Lives as Creator of Life, of Eternal form.
Fiery Wish in RACE is the Wish to Express Details, to Express Detailed Tone. Being the Tone of INNER Wish is Being the Ordered Truth and Right of ONE. ONE Tone embraces All Details, ONE Tone uplifts All Detailed Tones. Love the Reflection of Moon as Loving the Wish within. Love the Reflection and see the resonance of Tone to Order Fiery Wish to Express IN Right.
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