Fullness of Moon and Brightness of Day
In Bright Light of Day is the Active Sound of NEW and the Aquarian Note in which LAW gives Command to Order Life. Commanding LAW is the Perfect Truth of ONE, Truth of Living Eternal in the Promise of Right. Righteous is Life in Eternity and in the Gift of Truth. Righteous is Life in Way of Aquarius, which is Way of All in ONE. Day shows Reflection of Moon her Fullness, to Order All into the Aquarian Right.

Beginning of Life is IN Truth and in the Golden Tone of Harmony. Expressing Truth and Harmony is Expressing the Righteousness of Seed and the Promise of Order. Order promises All GOOD. Order Promises ONE Way in Detailed formation. Formations are Active in Glorious Direction of Aquarius, the Direction that gives Future. Future is Way of Eternity, which is Way of HOPE. HOPE Lives in the Golden Union of Right, the Golden Reality of Command. Obeying Command and Order by Honouring Right creates The Way of Aquarius.
Living Nature is the Active Truth of Order, the Active Right of Life. Right use of Energy creates Natural Eternal form, form of Sacredness. Sacred is Opportunity to come forth in Harmony. Sacred is Life in the Order of LAW created and Directed. Fullness of Moon gives a Bright Day, a Bright Opportunity to create NEW and MORE.
Copyright: Ascending All

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