On the seventh day of Perfection the Moon is NEW to Reflect the Health of Human CARE, which is the Health of RACE.

IN RACE is the Perfection of the Wishful Right in every Detail. Details United and Active in the Four Directions as ONE, form the Wholeness of ONE Destiny in which Terra and RACE are born. Fulfilling the Destiny of RACE and its CARE for Terra, is realising Life as Health. Healthy Life is the Promise of every Detail and the Gift to every Detail.
Details are United in Destiny and United in the Right of Elements to create ONE Destined Life. ONE Life is Healthy Life, Life in the Will of GOD given and Expressed. Moon is NEW to emphasize the Righteousness and its consequences. Creating and Directing IN Right, makes Health Alive as Human Life and Body. Body is form of Terra and RACE as ONE. ONE Way to realise Destiny and to Live CARE IN Detailed Union.
Sun, Moon and Terra are Blessed in their Right to have the Perfect Light of CORE Expressed in the Aquarian Waves of NEW, Waves that encourage Moon to Reveal Health, the Perfect reason for Life to BE.
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