Immaculate Moon her Power

When the Moon of Immaculate gives her Light in the Sign of Aquarius, the Promise of Revelation is at hand. The Immaculate Power of the Moon Honours the Sign of Aquarius and in this Sign she Honours the Details of the Aquarian Constellation. In the Constellation is the Reigning Activity of the deity Present, whereby the Immaculate Moon connects and unites with the Presence of the Aquarian deity. In doing so the creation of Hope is coming into existence, the Detail Hope is becoming the Reality of Future as NOW.  

The Immaculate Moon Honours Life as a Whole, therefore she Honours the Constellation of Aquarius and brings the Waves of Sand in the Eternal stream aligned with the Aquarian Principles. The Magnetic /Power of the Moon has the ability to bring Waves of Sand in the place where they are Right, Light and the potential to be Beautiful. The Moon is Immaculate in her Truth of magnetising the Righteous Light and Life for every Grain of Sand. It is IN Moon that the Grains of Sand are known as the individuals willing to serve the Kingdom of the NEW LORD.  

The NEW LORD is the LORD that is Creator, the LORD that has given the creation of planet Terra in order to make Union the Reality in Light and Life. The LORD is the Alpha that Honours Light and is the overseer of the Grains of Sand. Sand is sacred in its Crystal Core, sacred in its potential. The potential in Sand is YOU, therefore Sand carries the Brightness of Youth as the theoretical You that can rise in the practical manifest You. A creation of Eternal Reality in Honouring the Light of Sun and Moon as ONE.  

Moon in her Immaculate Truth is the Moon that opens Revelations, because the Immaculate Moon in the Sign of Aquarius is the Moon from the Prophecy. In Prophecy the Immaculate Power is radiant as the Light of Sun and Powerful as the Light of Lightning. The Action of resetting Life is in the Hand of the Immaculate Moon, which states it is in the Hands of the entire Line that serves the Immaculate Power of the Core. In the Core is the Reality of White Fire, where both Creator and Virgin are the Motion of Fire. In their Union Fire is Alive and can be form. The Core of everything, is Immaculate. The Core of everything is in the Seed of Creator, is Sand.  

To Multiply Sand is the Reality of revealing the inner of Sand, the Crystal Core. It is the manifestation of the Inner Motion of every Grain of Sand, the Motion that is Living because the Immaculate Moon has given her Magnetic Power to the Grains in order to preserve Light and Life in each and every one of them. The Promise given to Abram that every Grain of Sand will be the blossoming Reality of his Seed, is the Promise that the Immaculate Power shines upon the Grains and that Life is in them Preserved. The Reality of Creator’s Seed, the Inner of White Fire, is indeed multiplied in the Action of the Moon Light.  

The Immaculate Moon Honours Aquarius, the Immaculate Moon Honours the Beginning and the Ending in Wholeness. The Motion of her Inner, the Motion of White Fire, is the Radiant Promise in her Being Alive. The Core of All Life is in the Motion of White Fire Reality, thereby making Way for the Revelation of the NEW LORD, the Revealing of the NEW Alpha. Where the Immaculate Moon creates waves of Sand, the Promise is unfolding. Let us all Honour the Reality of Moon Light and Sun Light in Union. Let us all Honour the Principles of Aquarius and realise the Hope of Future in the awareness of NOW.  

Moon in Emerald  

Future is unfolding in the Motion of Sand, regulated by the Power of the Physical Moon Living in the Physical Reality of the Immaculate. It is the Truth of the Immaculate Matter that realises the Motion of Matter and therefore it realises the Motion and continuous birth of Details. Every Detail is born again and again in the Motion of Eternity, sealed in the Immaculate Heart that keeps the Rhythm Alive. In this Rhythm the Perpetual Stream of Life is in Aqua Reality.  

The Aquarian Reality is Living in the Union of Sun and Moon and is Living in the Physical Truth of the Emerald Stones. In these Stones is the Original Sand that resonates with the Moon Light. Therefore the Moon in her Light and Brightness makes the Emerald stones move and brings the Rhythm of Truth in every Detailed Flame in Creation. The Creation of Terra is in a continuous Motion because of the fact that Sand, Grains of Sand, are almost everywhere. The Moon has the ability therefore to touch the wholeness of Terra her Body and realise her Immaculate Rhythm.  

When Terra is IN her immaculate Rhythm, the Flames on her Body are in the Eternal Motion of Life. It is the Motion realised by the simple fact that Moon has Magnetic Power and that she brings her Light to the Inner Core of the Sand, the Core of the planet itself. Every Flame on the Altar called Terra is a Flame that is touched by the Moon Light, because the Flames are Present in the Motion of planet Terra her body. The Body of Terra is in the Sealing with Venus the response able body that resonates with the Tones of the Immaculate Truth in the Emerald Stones Alive.  

The Stones of the Immaculate Truth are Emerald and created in Emerald, created in the ONE Eternal Motion of Life, which is physical Reality. The Alchemical Power of Live has created the Stones and has preserved the Stones. It is in the Truth of Love that the Immaculate in the Stones could keep its Motion, its Tone. The base for NEW is in the Emeralds Stones, the base for NEW is in the Truth that Immaculate has the Power to Magnetise and make Life unfold as the Vision of the Immaculate Eye.  

From ONE Sacred Tone is in Alchemical Reality of Love the Creation of Four Stones realised. This can only be done in the Honouring Righteousness of Moon and Sun as ONE. The Enlightening of the Future is in the Enlightening and Revealing of the Immaculate base in the Stones. The Tone that keeps Life Sacred in its Wholeness is the Tone of Immaculate, the Tone of the Emerald and its Rhythm. Creation is on its way to be the Revelation of Eternal Life, the Revelation of a World that Lives Love and is the Motion of Crystal in Clarity created. ONE Grain of Sand is Multiplied in the Beginning and ONE Motion makes Sand MORE in the Essence of its Core.  

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