Full Moon of 22-12-2018 at 18.50
I Reflect the Face of God. I Reflect your Beauty. I Reflect your Inner Wish of Truth.
I Am the Moon of Health. I Am the Moon which is Full in this very moment. And I congratulate you and I come to you because you Welcome Life in Health, Life in Wholeness which is Life in the Full Glory of God’s Face.

When God’s Face is seen you as Human RACE have created its Expression and it is upon this planet -planet Terra- that you are Destined to be Creative that you are Destined to Be God.
I show you God’s Face and thus the Moon of Health -I- Reflect to you, your Face, your Face that Lives within.
In the Truth of this planet she orbits around Sun and she centres her Inner, she centres her spine upon the Light and Direction of Sun. Within the Truth of her being she spins around and in her spinning she is focused upon the Radiance of the Sun to Realise her Healthy State. This Healthy State is the Straightness of her Axes. The Straightness of the Axes is the Fullness for Human kind to Realise Creativity.
As Human Being you root upon Terra, you root and this you do with your Spine. Being rooted is being able to Create the Straightness of the Axes of Terra, the Straightness of your Wish.
I Wish you Well and I Wish you Health. I Reflect to you the Healthy Face of God because the Face of God is Whole, the Face of God is in you, the Face of God is Inner. With the Fullness of Myself, with the Fullness of this Moon I Invite you to create this Healthy Face, to create the Inner. And by doing so you Welcome the Light which is Multiplied in the past days. In Multiplication Light is given, in Multiplication Light comes forward, in Multiplication your Wish arises as the Beauty of God, as the Beauty of ALL that is Well, as the Beauty of ALL that is Good.
Be Good, Be Whole. Be the Reflection of ONE Face, God’s Face, a Good Face because now you are in the Phase of Eternity, in the Phase of the Reality of the Motion and within the Spinning of Spine, the Spinning of Axes is the Reality of Eternity. So spin with this planet, Realise the Straightness of the Axes as the Straightness of your Spine. Root to find your Wish, Root to Radiate the Inner. Root to create the Inner as the Expression of ONE Form.
I AM the Face of God. I Reflect to you your Face.
Copyright: Ascending ALL

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