New moon of Archangel Michael
NEW is the Moon to come forth in Right and to realise the Renewal of Reflection in all Atoms and Cells. Michael is Honoured by the Reflection of Moon, realising his Will as the Honourable Faith that is formed and Awakened in Creation.

Archangel Michael dedicates his Life and Wish to Terra, being an Earth Angel to serve the confirmation of Matter. Matter or Creation needs confirmation when formed in the Hands of Human RACE. Confirming Creation in Order of Aquarius is the NEW of Reflection and the NEW Right to create.
Archangels and Human Being create Aligned and in Communion. In Being an Earth Angel, an Archangel is close to RACE and serves and supports RACE to be GOD in Action and to Multiply Life in Order created. Will of Archangel Michael confirms Creation of Order and thereby this is Multiplied. Multiplying ONE Will in Creation, ONE Direction, creates Faith. Faith is the Promised Truth in which Destiny is seen and in which Creation comes forth as Detail to materialise The Way and the Honourable Life of RACE.
Seeing Destiny helps to apply Will in the Order of Michael, the Order of his Wish and in his Wish formed. The Order of Michael is Active in the Light and Reflection of the current Moon, Reflecting the Path of Will and Willingness. Will to Honour All and to Serve GOD in All, is the Will of Michael that forms Faith. When GOD is Honoured in All, it is seen that Destiny is Reality and that Destiny is created. This forms Faith. Faith is the Power Reflected to Michael so he is able to Multiply the Ordered Will in Creation. In this Right to Multiply, is the Direction of Will, is Wish of Willingness.
BE Willing to meet Archangel Michael, to meet the Ordered Will IN Faith. Invite the Destined Act of Creativity in Being Human within the Order of Michael, the First Order amongst Archangels.
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