A Clear Face of God

In the Moments of a Lunar Eclipse it is the Inspiration given to Realise Creation within the Wholeness of the Solar System.

It is the Moon that is embraced by Earth. It is the Earth that is embraced by Moon and embraced by the Sun. It is the Sun that is embraced by Earth which means that All are aligned within the Geometrical Perfection of the Solar System, the Geometrical Perfection which is Alive in the Orbit of every Planet.
The Orbit of Planet Terra Honours the Sun while she is receiving the Reflection of Her Moon. Meeting the Moon within the Truth of the Reflection of Terra and Human RACE is meeting the Moon in her Utmost Delightful Way. This means that She shows you the Right of every Human Being to Clarify its Will, to Clarify Creation with the Will to Create. In this you meet the Direction and Reflection as ONE. It is the Will to Create which is Direction. And it is the Realisation of a Clear Creation that is Reflection. Being the Union of these Two which Terra is in this Right Moment, is being the Union of Alpha and Omega, the Realisation therefore of a Clear Face of God.
This Moon in this very Moment shows ALL that God exists within Human RACE that God exists within the Core of Planet Terra. It is the Realisation of Ordered White Fire because the Solar System is an Ordered Whole, the Orbit of Terra is an Ordered Line, an Ordered Motion and therefore it gives ONE Clear Tone.
Terra is singing her Tone, She is singing her Tone within the Orbit of Her Right, the Orbit of Her Light, the Orbit of Her Life. This Clear Tone of Terra will Rise in the Years to come, will Rise within the Age of Aquarius because Terra is Clarifying Herself in the Union with Human RACE, in the Union with Sun and with Moon. The Clear Tone of Terra which will eventually become the Right to Be EARTH is the Clear Tone that will Manifest in Solar System, a Gift of Love for ALL.

Moon is Full of Will
Right is in Human Being the Right to Create and the Willingness to come to this Right is the Electrical pulse in the Body of Human Being. Human Being Lives to Express this Pulse of Willingness, to Express the Electrical Pulse or Motion of Being Human. Being Human is to identify oneselves with Christ Creativity in which Oneness with GOD is fact. Meaning Future will be the Awakening of Human Being as GOD, while she first realises Creative Christ Power as Directed Will to form Perfection of GOD. Perfection of GOD is the Perfection of ONE Tone, the Tone of Aquarius and her Constellation. Constellation of Aquarius is the Righteousness of Being able to manifest NEW Right and NEW Way. Human Being is able to Live the NEW Way, able to Create the Direction of Sun as Living Eternity.
Human Being has the Opportunity to Awaken IN Will of Christ Creativity, by the Fullness of the Moon of Will. Power of Archangel Michael in Moon given, gives Human RACE Opportunity to Clear its Will and to come forth in the INNER Motion of this Will, the Electrical Pulse within the Body. This Pulse realises the Rhythm of Heart, the Will is the Beat of the Human Heart. Manifesting the Clarity of Will is Clearing the Heart of Human Being, whereby she is able to Unite with Wish IN Heart. IN Heart is the Detailed Flame, the Detailed Being of Human. IN Heart is the Wish that may receive the Electrical Pulse of Will to be Expressed in the Creative Christ Action. This Expression is Living the NEW Way, Detailed Way.
Future is Human Being IN Detailed Christ Creative Action. Action makes All manifest the Motion of the Electrical Will. Motion is given by the Power of Archangels, the Power of Angelic Touch. Expressing Detailed Christ as form, is possible because Future is given in the manifestation of Nature as Clear Nature, Honourable and Whole Nature. Nature Beings are Uniting and manifesting their Willingness to serve All in the fact that the Gate of Future is formed in the Blossoming Truth of Emerald. Nature hears the Call of the Horn to come to the Gate to realise an open Gate to Future, so Human Being may go forward into the Heavenly State of Life. This State is Natural for Human Being, but created at first by the Kingdom of Nature to receive and Welcome Human Being in its Natural habitat. Nature is Willing to Honour and serve RACE as a Whole, in the Truth of the Will of GOD that Lives as INNER Light in All.
Moon is embraced in the Will of Archangel Michael to give Faith to go into Future. Moon is embedded in the Power of Nature, by Being the Order of Sun and Moon. Reflection of Full Moon Welcomes Human Being in the Nature of its Will, the Nature of Human Life. Future is near in the Creative Act of Christ, the Act of Human Willingness to create Ordered and Well.
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