Illumination of Matter is the physical Truth of Ascension as it is giving Space to the Wish and to the CORE of White Fire to come forth. Matter is Illuminated to realise the Spiral of Ascension within the Atoms and Cells.

Cells in the Activity of the Spiral Present are able to Shine, able to Spread the Wish as a frequent Light. Frequency of Light is in the Detail Present and Active. Frequency of Light is in The Way to Glorify All Life. Way of Ruby, of CORE of Terra, is Way to realise the Wishes in Detailed form, Wishes in Material Illumination. Being Alive as Illuminated matter, is Being Alive as I AM. Illuminated Matter is the Ascending Truth of Creation. Which means Direction given in Wisdom is The Way to create physical Ascension. Ascending Cells and Atoms are Opportunity for Life and for All to Expand the parameter of Life in Light.
Today the Moon is Full of Wisdom and Full of Illumination. Moon will be Illuminated and therefore Matter will be Illuminated, since the moon is Matter. Creation receives the Reflection of Wisdom as Illumination. When Wisdom is Reflected, ONE sees the Illumination of Creation. Reflection of Wisdom shows the Golden Truth of Life and this is Illuminated Creation, shining Creation. The Illumination is the Enlightenment or Celebration of Ordered White Fire. Ordered White Fire is INNER that Shines within the Ordered Creation. Ordered Creation is Creation in Wise Direction, in Wisdom. Fullness of Moon may be welcomed by the Atoms and Cells and may be Consciously invited in the Awareness of Human RACE. Inviting within Awareness of RACE realises a Union of Moon and Creation, a Union in which RACE has Opportunity to realise Wise Creativity from the INNER Illumination of White Fire. White fire is Illuminated by the Moon, White Fire is Ordered Expansion and Illuminates Creation. Therefore Matter Ascends as the Right of Expansion of Ordered White Fire. Ascension is nothing more than the expansion of Ordered white Fire, the expansion of the Original Source.
Celebrate Wisdom Today in the Hour of Full moon and Invite the illuminated Truth of White fire in CORE of Creation.
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