The New Course of the Original Destiny for Terra and for the Flames on the Altar of EARTH.

Ordered Comfort  

Releasing the Power of Truth and of Love is realising the fact that Loving Truth exists. Loving Truth is the Power that Comforts the Soul, as the Light of the detail. This means that the Flame itself receives Comfort to be able to Radiate in a Comfortable position in earth. Comfort therefore is a part of Truth, a part of Love and has everything to do with Right. The Right Position of a Flame, is Comfort to the Flame. To be in Order of the Immaculate makes the Flame Living Order and from this perspective the Comfort can be realised, materialised.  

Comforting Power is the Power or Reality of Loving Truth. It is the Reality of Matter that has the Emerald base and the Ruby space to unfold in. The coherency of Emerald and Ruby is Active in Comfort. It is the coherent Reality of the base that unfolds in space, while space gives of itself to the base. In the mutual Honouring of each other’s Light, the Living fact of Comfort is realised. Loving Truth therefore is the Power that Comforts, it materialises Comfort in the aware and conscious coherence of the vibrations.  

Loving Truth is the material Reality of the Body that Lives in the Space of Ruby and is aware of the Ruby Reality of Light and Life. Meaning that the Body itself, matter, is aware of the fact that Love exists in Eternal Manifestation. The Body, matter, therefore gives its Radiant Truth, which is the Detailed Power of the Flame embodied. The base of Truth as the Emerald base, is the Active base that makes the detailed Flame rise. This Active base is the Reality of the Order of the Immaculate. The Order of the Immaculate is literally in the base. It is in the base chakra of the planet and of the Real Body of mankind.  

This base defines your place, position. It is the position on the planet, as well as the position in earth. From the Order of Immaculate that is active in the Real Base of the Eternal Body, the righteous Living constellations are created. In the Right of the Order of the Immaculate, the Loving Truth IN Body or Matter aware and active, can blossom which means the Comforting Power of Life is Present. The Immaculate Moon gives her Power to the Order of the Immaculate, which is the Order that is Active in the White Fire of the Origin.  

Every base Lives in this Order, which gives every Original Being the opportunity to Live Ordered, Right and IN Love. The Union of base and space, is the Reality of Comfort. The Real Eternal Body that is called Ruby Body, is the Body that is Living Comfort, because it IS Union of base and space. The Body Lives as the IS of the Motion and Coherence of the Emerald base and Ruby Space, like the inbreath and the outbreath. Life is in Comfort born when it is born in the Immaculate Order. The Moon gives her Fullness to realise the Order of Immaculate, the Order of the Beginning.  

In this Order is the potential to realise, materialise, Comfort. A Comfortable Living Body which Honours the Union of Flames in Cosmos.  

Course change of Terra 

The courageous Presences of the Elohim gathered with the LORD of the Beginning of planet Terra are resonating with the Inner Light of Terra. In this resonance it is her Life that is preserved along the line of time. It is courageous of a Being to give its Light and anchor it in Creation in order to have Life resonate with the Detailed Quality of the Godhead, Eternity. Anchoring Light in Life is done in order to be able to create the planet in the first place. Secondly it is done to have the Design of her Destiny Living in the Light, so time could make planet Terra blossom as the ordered Truth of the Design.  

The LORD of the Beginning is the Honoured Alpha. Alpha is the Title that is given to the LORD due to the fact that the Light of the inner of planet Terra has started to touch the outer surface. Which means that the Design of her Destiny as realised in the Alpha Omega Heart of her Creator, is beginning to pulsate in matter. The pulsation of the Design is the Rhythm coming from the United Heartbeat of Alpha and Omega. It is the Heartbeat of LORD and Lady. The Pulse of the Design, the Pulse of the Origin, has the ability to draw unto itself all it needs to be materialised.  

It is therefore that Flames are Activated upon the surface of planet Terra, needed to materialise the Crystal Design. The Moon of Immaculate is invited by the Design and the Pulse of the Design to realise the Order of the base chakra of planet Terra in the Immaculate Fire. When the base chakra of the planetary body is Ordered and Immaculate, the Destiny of Terra will unfold MORE. The Order of the Immaculate is the Living Order of the Flames of the design. It is the Living Order in which the Wholeness of Life and the Wholeness of a body is materialised as the Original Design.  

The Council of Elohim is gathered in planet Venus because of the crucial time we are in. The Order of the Immaculate is opening up and starts to realise itself step by step in matter. The material changes occurring because of this need to be evaluated and estimated. This is a responsibility of the Elohim who have anchored their Light in Life. With the current changes and the changes of Direction of the material Stream, the EYE of the Elohim needs to be on the Inner and the Outer of planet Terra at all times. It is a peculiar process that asks for guidance and direction, strategy and calculation as well as for prayers.  

The Council of Elohim has volunteered to be part of this process and to regulate the Light that is released so the balance of the planetary body is not at risk. The changes occurring on inner level have an almost immediate effect on the outer, which makes us all responsible for our release of Light. The courage to give Light is the courage to realise its effect and be part of the Wholeness of Life undergoing a change of course. The course is changed and Matter is in Motion. The realisation of this motion is done in the embracing Heartbeat of Alpha and Omega and in the United Brightness of Sun and Moon. 

Those able to carry the changes of the planetary body serve mankind to realise and release the NEW Course, which is the Course of the Original Destiny for Terra as well as the Flames on her Altar. Every Flame is Honoured in this process, every Flame is in the Immaculate Order realised in the base of Truth.  

Honouring Elohim and Purpose of Light 

The Union of Light of Elohim and Life creates an upwards motion that realises the Spiralling action of the ION. It is the Light of the Beginning, the Origin, that realises the ION as particle which is Living, Immaculate and Eternal. Because Elohim have chosen to give themselves to matter, a new creation can come to pass. This is a creation that is Light, Bright, Radiant, Living in Motion and diverse in Details. The Light of Elohim makes sure that Life can be detailed, because the Elohim Light is given as Detailed Light.  

Elohim serve the Origin in all its manifestations, meaning that Elohim serve the unfolding of every Detail, the blossoming of every Flower. In every Detail of creation is the Light of Elohim present. This Light can be recognized in the immaculate waves of sand. When the motion of matter is multiplied more and more, the Elohim Light is recognized in matter and the Honouring of Life is felt. This makes its Natural to Honour the Light and realise the Purpose of the Light itself.  

Light has a Purpose, namely to be multiplied, which means that Light is continuous forgiven. The Multiplied Light makes Life Radiant, Bright, Beautiful and Detailed. Honouring the fact that Elohim have given their Presence to create our planet, is Honouring the Purpose of Light. There is Light in creation because the Council of Elohim has given Light in the Beginning and is releasing Light now. Or rather, the Light of the Original Beginning is revealed. It is revealed in the motion of Matter, becoming visible and sometimes almost tangible.  

When Light is tangible, Matter is spiralling. When Light is tangible it means that the Immaculate Power of the Moon is coming in into creation and is multiplied. The Living Invitation of Light is the Invitation of Life that asks the Moon to shine. In this Inviting Truth of Light and Life is the Honouring of the Origin, the Honouring of Elohim. When Noah built his Ark, he Honoured the Light of Elohim because he gave to the Purpose of this Light. He realised that NEW could be manifest because Light is in matter present. He heard the invitation of Light to be multiplied.  

Today is a day and age where the moment has come again that course is changed. The Purpose of Light has changed. To Honour this Purpose is becoming aware and conscious of the changes, of the Purpose and of the material reality of motion that comes from the inner rhythm of the Immaculate. The Waves of Immaculate reassure Light that it will be Bright Life, Radiant and Detailed. The Council of Elohim is therefore Active in the Moon of Immaculate Power to reveal the Original Beginning of Terra and clarify the Design of her Destiny.  

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