Wish of White Fire

New Moon at 17.05 pm
In the Order of Sun and Moon we Welcome a New Moon. We Welcome the Gift of Opportunity which is given in every Moon. We Welcome the Right of Reflection. And within the Right of Reflection is the Right to be Creative, the Right to Form and to Manifest a World of Love.

Manifesting a World of Love is Realising the Truth of the Emerald Base as a Form that Honours ALL. Honouring ALL Life is done in the Realisation of Equality, in the Realisation of Detailed Opportunity and in the Realisation of Detailed Wish. Within the Order of Sun and Moon is the Order of White Fire. And Manifesting White Fire as Form is the Creative Ability and Creative Truth of Being a Woman.
A Woman is Full of the Reflective Power of Moon. To Create Love, to Form Love, you need the Realisation of Equality and within this Equality is the Form created. It is More than the Equality of the Nature Elements, it is More than the Equality of ‘as Above so Below’; it is More which means that in the Moon of Love you may Realise what is the More of Life because what is More in Life is Love. And as Women, as Woman, you have the Ability to create Love, to Form this. And within Love is the Wish in White Fire, the Wish that is Present within every Human Being. To give Birth to a Human Being is to give Birth to the Wish and when you give Birth to a Wish, you give Birth to White Fire. When you give Birth to White Fire, you are a Woman, you have the Ability to Form. Forming White Fire, Forming from Core, is the True Love in a Human Being, the True Love of God’s Grace.
So when you are a Human Being and when you are Alive as RACE, as Human RACE, you are Alive as the Grace of God. To Form Love within the Reflection of Moon and in the Direction of Sun is Forming with the Ability of Realising Equality. It is to be Aware of Equality; it is to be Aware of the Truth.
And when you are Aware of Truth, you are Alive and Awake within Emerald Base. So within Emerald and from within Emerald Design, All the Details are Ordered in Sun and in Moon, All the Details are Ordered in White Fire.
So Be the Expression of White Fire in the Reflection of a Loving Moon. Be the Expression of White Fire as Reflection, as a Loving Woman. Find what this means, find the Reality of an Emerald Base. Find the Reality of a Truthful Life that is More because More is Love, More is Loving.

Welcome to the Moon of Love

Birth Right of every Human Being is the Right to be the Expression of GOD's creativity, thus the Right to show GOD and BE GOD itself. This Right is the Love in Being Human, the Love that makes Life MORE and creates the form of EARTH. EARTH is the Promise of Terra and the Destiny of the Creation in Human Hand given. When Hand creates in the Passion of Love, Hand forms the face of GOD and the Expression of ONE Order. This is White Fire Order, given in the Truth of Sun and Moon. Orbit around Sun is the Beginning of Love, the Beginning to Express Order. Within this Orbit True Destiny of Terra is a fact and within this Orbit she can be formed in GOD's Creativity. This means Human RACE is upon the planet the Right to be creative and RACE gives this Right Expression in the Power of Love. Loving Life is to Live in the Orbit around Sun and to realise the Spirit of this Orbit.
Forming Love is to realise the form of this Spirit, the Spirit of the Orbit of Terra. Orbit of Terra is Active in White Fire Order, in the entire Order of the Universe. Orbiting around Sun is Living the Opportunity to create MORE and to form MORE of the Ordered Origin. Being inspired to create is Being touched by the Spirit of the Orbit around Sun, Being touched by the Right of the Sun. Ordered White Fire is emphasised by the touch of Sun and Multiplied when Human Creativity chooses to be IN Orbit. Multiplied White Fire is Love, Love is MORE Life. Creating that Path of GOD's Will is creating the Path of MORE, the Path where Life IS Love. Welcome this Opportunity, Welcome White Fire in the Orbit of Sun and realise the touch of Sun within, whereby the Inspiration to create awakens IN you. Welcome to the Moon of Love.
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