Written at 21.45. Equinox at 22.58 and full moon at 2.43 march 21st.
Full is the Moon of Love in the Power of Equinox, to Enlighten the first Light of Spring with the Power of Love. Spring gives the HOPE to create Loving and Truthful, to manifest Destined Ruby as Terra her Truth.

In the Power of Equinox, Right is Active within to Equalise the inner and outer and to materialise as above so below. The equal Right of Light and Night makes the Truth of Equality visible for eyes who love to see and for ears who love to hear. The love to see is the Love of ONE Way, the Human Way. Human Way is Perfect in the Loving Potential of Aquarius, which is the potential of Detailed Light. Equal Light is Detailed, Detailed Light is Equal. It means that Love is Detailed in itself, by Nature.
Therefore, this Night gives Order in the Power of Love because Love is given in the Equal Truth of Life. When Love is given in this Equality, Details can Awaken in the Light and Resurrect. Ordered Love is the greatest Power of All. In the Order of Love is the Gift of Freedom and the Gift of Wholeness. To love to see is the Love to see Life in its Rightful Light. Which also means Life is seen as it is, in the current form and state. Seeing Life in Equality, is The Way to creating Life from Love. Love is formed in Equality, Love can be formed in the Spring of Order and in the Spring that brings Equal Right to all Details to Love All.
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